Thomas F. Roeser's wife Lillian Roeser keeps the faith!

Lillian Roeser wife of Thomas F. Roeser I took this picture of Lillian Roeser on May 1, 2011 when I was invited to the Tom Roeser Radio Show on WLS Am 890. Tom phoned me as I was in conference with Park Ridge Attorney Russ Stewart. We all said our hello and I agreed to be on the show. When I was on the show, I asked Tom Roeser if he would be on Chicago Clout and he agreed… he then said he was not sure. I did not read into it. I really liked Tom and his wife Lillian, they went everywhere together. I spoke with Lillian yesterday at the wake. Lillian is going to allow me to release some great video and pictures Tom at his radio show. I just need some time to make sure everything is “just right”. Thank you for everything Roeser Family! Photo by Patrick McDonough.