Chicago Gangs muscle into Chicago Water Department Drug Business

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On September 10, 2012, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees got an important notice from the gangs of Chicago’s North Side. The Water Department drug trade in Heroin, Coke, Meth, and pills has got some attention from neighboring gangs such as the “Almighty Harrison Gents”. Despite many reports of the ongoing activity in the department, the Water Department still refuses to have a full drug enforcement policy. Each and every employee should be tested as soon as possible. Management is non-existent in the North District located at 4900 West Sunnyside. This facility is Union run and running into the ground. Despite several complaints to the authorities, the lack of drug testing is making the place difficult to work at. This tag was made from a powerful gang know as Hustlers and Gangsters. Several employees at the Water Department said they belong to this gang. Also, some employees decided to step forward and make sure employees finally got supplies for their trucks so they could do their job. Department trucks are robbed and cleaned out on a regular basis. The gang does not even care the Chicago Police fill up their gas tanks right were the tag was made. This tag was made at a fuel depot for the City. Enough of the cover-ups Mayor Rahm Emanuel, time to stop fundraising and do something about this mess. Honest City Workers are tired of drug dealers running our department. Stop making idiots run the department and blame everyone for their own failures. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Michael "Shipping Boy" Tierney looking for more at Local 130?

Michael Tierney 4.jpg Mike “Packing Boy” Tierney has made himself almost inseparable at the Plumber’s Union and is tagging along with Tim Coyne, a candidate for Business Manager. I was just told Mike Tierney was following along like a lost puppy, trying to be helpful to Coyne. I do not understand why, but let’s look at possible motivations. After a complete failure at the City of Chicago, Mike Tierney was last at the O’Hare Airport. One might ask, after one investigation after another, Mike would just skip town. Mike Tierney moved up the ladder thanks to lots of packing. He started as a ditchdigger and a mailroom boy, but became a ranking supervisor at the City. Somewhere along the line, Mike obtained a Plumber’s License. He never spent a day as an Apprentice. Mike Tierney said under sworn oath that Caulkers are better than Plumbers. Mike was a Caulker. Mike made it through many scams at the Water Department directly under his thumb. Bribes for overtime, a heroin ring, Hired truck scandal, and a notebook computer confiscated by the OIG. Mike was part of tens of thousands of dollars accepted by people wanting to become judges in Chicago. It is one hell of a racket. Mike is part of a developing scandal illegally issuing Plumbing Licenses to his 36th ward pals. It is truly amazing how many times Mike walks away from lawsuits and major scams right under his nose. It does pay to know judges. After a full City pension under his belt and an easy Airport job, Mike is packing away to get a do nothing Union job. Mike likes wearing Union garb like he knows plumbing. Tim Coyne should learn the old adage his pal, James Sullivan will soon learn, sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas. How many pensions does Mike need and why? Why is he putting on the old “I am really concerned eyes”? I hope he stops ratting out his employees to cover his own azz. I hope he quits his scams and leaves a job to real honest to goodness plumber that knows the trade; guys that can do the plumbing in their own house. Watch this story unfold folks, it will be a whopper.

Chicago City Workers and Local 130 Plumbers protest Todd Stroger to fire Tommie Talley

City of Chicago Political hack, Chicago Department of Water Management Boss, and John Daley Goon, Tommie Talley, was under fire today at the Cook County Department of Transportation. These workers showed up at 6:30 a.m. to demand Tommie Talley’s immediate termination . Chicago Plumbers want to know how the Plumber’s Local 130 allowed this man a journeyman’s card despite never working a day as a plumber. According to a Local 130 Plumber, “You can buy a Plumber’s License in Chicago if you know Dan McLaughlin, James Sullivan, or Robert Ryan”. “It is great; you don’t need to know shit about Plumbing”. Tommie Talley was ordered to see the Office of the Inspector General after the “Hired Truck Scandal Broke and Mayor Daley ordered a phony investigation”. The Chicago Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris let many of Daley’s political hacks off the hook, the F.B.I let many of these goons off the hook, and continue to raid the taxpayers last few pennies. Please tell Todd Stroger to review the way Water Department Women were treated and given preferred positions thanks to Talley. Union Local 1092 black women were given inside office jobs despite possible Shakman Violations. We will “Rally to Fire Talley” no matter where the County hides him”, declared protesters today. Tally also allowed some workers paid lunch with clout. The next protests are scheduled downtown at the Cook County Building. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Chicago City Workers and Local 130 Plumbers protest Todd Stroger to fire Tommie Talley”