Remember Patrick, do not joke on the phone, it might be James Laski

On more than one occasion, I have had conversations with James Laski. James called me this morning and I thought it was someone else! James Laski was an honored guest on “Chicago Clout” the TV show associated with At Chicago Clout we have brought our video quality up to par with some great new hosts and guests. The media world is very competitive and I was happy to learn James Laski is entering the fray. Some heavy weights are coming in from Florida to see if James Laski is the next major radio personality for Chicago. James asked if I was interested in advertising on the show and I committed. James Laski will need additional friends to help things get off the ground. The City of Chicago has a great need during prime time to explain what the inside track is in Chicago Politics. Chicago Taxpayers will need an advocate and I trust James Laski to give the unbiased truth. I am not happy with the spin out of the current administration Chicago has, we need clarity. You can contact James Laski at Chicago Clout or go to his website here: or here: Patrick McDonough