Mayor Daley's Belt Buckle from his mayoral loss in 1983 to Harold Washington

In 1983, Richard Daley ran for office attempting to become mayor of Chicago. Mayor Daley lost to a black man and the greatest and most respected mayor the City of Chicago ever had, Representative Harold Washington. To watch the Chicago media fawn over Mayor Daley, you think he never would have lost a race, but Daley did. When you watch Chicago media, you also read journalists write what Daley meant and not what he said. I was also the first person to call out Chicago media on the use of camera angles to make Daley seem as big as the person he was pictured with. This is a real belt buckle given only to Mayor Daley's closest henchman in his major defeat as mayor in 1983. There was one for each of his 50 goons sent to handle his failed bid to be mayor. This belt buckle is in mint condition. Are you interested? Photo by Patrick McDonough.