Mayor Rahm Emanuel demanding political contributions from City Contractors

Rahm Emanuel Official Photograph

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been given recordings of high ranking City employees getting fired. Apparently, Mayor Emanuel told his commissioners to record their firing of employees that brought unneeded attention to the City of Chicago. Emanuel is also shaking down contractors and demanding political donations for his upcoming election. Rahm is beside himself with the status of the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Fire Department, and the Department of Water Management. These departments have always provided workers for elections, money for campaigns, and needed signatures for petitions. According to the Mayor’s staff,” Rham is beside himself”.

Many contractors, including law firms, are being asked to “pony up” to face the onslaught from powerhouse Paul Vallas, Garry McCarthy, Willie Wilson, and Troy LaRaviere. Some recordings have been provided to Chicago Clout and will be released just before the election. Rahm Emanuel has been on a traveling spree around the world on the taxpayer’s dime. Rahm travels first class and enjoys having a posse of cops around to make him look big.

I look forward to this next election in Chicago. The voters want the issues this time, not the b.s. That is a tall order for the Chicago media that has been in Rahm’s favor as the election day draws near. Joe Ferguson will do nothing and continue to be a puppet for Rahm.

Reginald Williams vs. City of Chicago vs. Alderman Burke Video

On September 27, 2017, Reginald williams, a City of Chicago injured worker, exposes Alderman Burke, Anne M. Burke, Monica Sommerville, fraud, bogus lawyers, doctors, delays, scams. Please file complaints on all these bums to the ARDC. Workers need their workers compensation benefits when they get hurt. George Tamvakis, Neal Strom, bad lawyers.

Chicago Department of Water Management Workers contaminated by Limestone

Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees have been poisoned by Limestone Dust. A well-hidden killer lurks in the air every time the wind blows. Alderman Burke and the Committee on Finance have systemically denied essential care for lung, skin, and necessary medical care. According to an unnamed City employee, “We have reported this hazardous dust to the Illinois Department of Labor. City workers do not have OSHA”. “We are dying”. We have city workers die right after retirement for breathing issues. The North District open a fire-hydrant and when the State Safety Inspector is present, a couple of Laborers get out a little garden hose and put on a show. It is all a scam. Rahm Emmanuel does not care one single bit. We have reported claims for over ten years. The 45th Ward residents are subject to these deadly mists”. How much are taxpayers really saving? The City of Chicago Wellness program does not address these concerns. They use the testing to get rid of blacks and overweight city workers. We need masks, we need safety. Paul just does not care.