Paul Hansen 7208 West Olive Rooting out more City Hall racists: Taxpayers funded this orgy of prejudice

It started with a complaint that a Chicago water department superintendent was using a city email address to conduct private firearms transactions. The inspector general’s investigation turned up a lot more. Besides negotiating to buy or sell four guns and five cars, Paul Hansen traded racist emails with other supervisors and visited websites not related to his job — some containing sexually explicit materials — on “thousands of occasions” in a four-month period.

On city email, on a city computer, on city time.

He also forwarded a confidential workplace violence complaint filed by a subordinate to the employee accused in the complaint, according to IG Joseph Ferguson’s report.

The top bosses who were looped in on some of those emails didn’t put a stop to them. Sometimes they even joined in. Photos of naked women, jokes about fucking watermelon, a picture of an African-American baby in a bucket described as a swimming pool, a message with the subject line “U Know U Be In Da Hood” — it was all just another day at the office at the Department of Water Management.
A trove of emails obtained earlier by the Tribune contained more of the same: a Confederate flag, a reference to “negro midgets,” a crude joke about an employee needing “an inflatable doughnut on the chair” after a Gay Pride weekend. It’s the kind of stuff you’d expect from fourth-grade boys with pigs for parents. And it was all happening on your dime, taxpayers.

Here’s the other outrage: Nobody is surprised. The water department is larded with workers that somebody sent. In 2006, the department was the focus of a federal corruption trial that showed how then-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration rewarded campaign workers with jobs, promotions and overtime. Daley’s patronage chief, Robert Sorich, maintained the secret “clout list,” rigged interviews and falsified documents to grease the hires.

In one of the emails, Hansen, the son of ex-44th Ward Ald. Bernie Hansen, bragged about his ability to “swing elections.”

“The water department has been staffed at its highest levels by persons whose social or political connections were their chief or only qualification for the job,” Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, chairman of the City Council’s black caucus, said this week. “The emails have exposed that these individuals hold black Chicagoans in contempt.”

The good news is that Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t having it. He’s made a clean sweep of top management, including Water Commissioner Barrett Murphy, a personal friend.

Hansen and Thomas Durkin, general foreman of plumbers, were told to quit or be fired. Both quit. (The IG’s report didn’t name them, but Tribune reporters identified them through City Hall sources.) Others should follow. Managers and supervisors will undergo training about workplace discrimination, and an outside firm is studying how to address and prevent such conduct citywide.

That’s all good. If this is how the bosses behave, then bigots at all levels are emboldened, and workers who are offended or victimized feel they have no recourse. The city needs to make sure its employees feel safe — and obligated — to report such behavior. That means providing the mechanisms and the training to make it happen.

Changing the culture also means aggressively rooting out the bad actors, and we suspect there are many more. Yet the IG’s report notes that its access to emails is limited by city law department protocols. The IG “must submit requests for emails using limiting search terms and date ranges” and must reduce its request if it gets too many hits, the report says.

As journalists, we’re familiar with such roadblocks; they’re meant to keep us from reporting things that would embarrass public officials. What purpose could they serve in this case? The law department ought to remove those barriers and let the investigation go as far and as fast as it can.

In a federal lawsuit filed last month, a group of African-American water department employees say they were denied promotions, subjected to racial slurs and sexually harassed because of their race, and that their bosses “have done nothing” about it.

The city should pull out all the stops to address those complaints. Too many people at the water department got their jobs for the wrong reasons and never had to worry about losing them. They ought to be nervous now.

Black workers denied promotions, called racial slurs at Chicago water department: lawsuit

African-American employees of the Chicago water department routinely were denied promotions, subjected to racial slurs and sexually harassed because of their race, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday that could further roil a department that’s become a racially charged problem for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The lawsuit, filed in federal district court, comes weeks after a leadership shakeup at the Department of Water Management as a months-long watchdog probe that ferreted out racist and sexist emails shared among department supervisors.
The suit was filed on behalf of seven current and former employees of the department, and it seeks class-action status, which if granted could expand its scope. The employees alleged they were denied promotions and transfers, given less-desirable work assignments, harassed and wrongly fired in some cases because of their race.
It further states that department workers routinely used racial slurs or racially charged phrases, including the n-word and “you people,” to refer to black employees, according to the lawsuit. “Black female employees are called bitches and whores on a regular basis,” the filing reads.

And when they filed complaints about a hostile work environment, they were “subjected to unfair, arbitrary and capricious discipline for speaking out,” the lawsuit alleges. Department officials “have done nothing to remedy the hostile work environment,” it adds.
The lawsuit asks for a judge to rule that department officials violated federal fair labor laws, bar further discriminatory contact, and provide lost wages and back pay to the allegedly harmed employees.
City officials did not have an immediate response to the lawsuit.

A day before it was filed, Emanuel and the City Council were singing the praises of newly appointed water department Commissioner Randy Conner, an African American man from the South Side who was promoted amid the shakeup and confirmed by aldermen Wednesday. Conner is named as a defendant in the lawsuit because of his new role, but there are no specific allegations in the 40-page filing that accuse him of any specific wrongdoing.

Conner was appointed by Emanuel to replace Barrett Murphy, a friend of the mayor’s who resigned his post as the result of a city inspector general’s investigation that turned up the racist and sexist emails. William Bresnahan, who was managing deputy commissioner, and Paul Hansen, who was a district superintendent, also resigned.
The Tribune earlier this month first reported that Hansen sent to Murphy and Bresnahan emails in early 2014 that included anti-Islamic and racially insensitive language.
Hansen also sent an email that included sexist language as he made fun of a colleague in response to a lengthy message that colleague sent to Hansen about a frozen water main.
In addition, Thomas J. Durkin, the general foreman of plumbers, and John “Jack” Lee Jr., another district superintendent, later were replaced on administrative leave pending disciplinary decisions as a result of the probe.

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Massive Victory for Hagens Berman in Chicago. Time for Lead Free Drinking Water.

Hagens Berman Law Firm Photo Chicago Clout Lead in Water.jpg It has been awhile so I wanted to update you on what has been going on in the Chicago lead class action case. As you may remember, the judge dismissed the claims last time around. Hagen Berman with powerhouse Attorney Mark Vazquesz filed an amended complaint in January and also filed a motion seeking leave to add an inverse condemnation claim (which would permit recovery of funds to replace the lead service lines in their entirety). After some delay, the lawfirm had a hearing on that motion. Mark Vazquesz won and the judge granted the motion, allowing Hagens Berman to file the amended complaint and add Count II. The judge made several statements that reflected a favorable view of the case. In particular, he referred to two points as crucial: (1) the fact that our plaintiffs’ water still showed elevated lead levels, and (2) the fact that other municipalities, such as Boston and Madison, condemn partial lead service line replacements and don’t perform them.

EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agree that there is no known safe level of lead in a child’s blood. Lead is harmful to health, especially for children.*
In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act. This law requires EPA to determine the level of contaminants in drinking water at which no adverse health effects are likely to occur with an adequate margin of safety. These non-enforceable health goals, based solely on possible health risks are called maximum contaminant level goals (MCLGs). The MCLG for lead is zero. EPA has set this level based on the best available science which shows there is no safe level of exposure to lead.
Lead and copper enter drinking water primarily through plumbing materials. Exposure to lead and copper may cause health problems ranging from stomach distress to brain damage.
In 1991, EPA published a regulation to control lead and copper in drinking water. This regulation is known as the Lead and Copper Rule (also referred to as the LCR). Since 1991 the LCR has undergone various revisions, see the Rule History section below.
The treatment technique for the rule requires systems to monitor drinking water at customer taps. If lead concentrations exceed an action level of 15 ppb or copper concentrations exceed an action level of 1.3 ppm in more than 10% of customer taps sampled, the system must undertake a number of additional actions to control corrosion. Information
If the action level for lead is exceeded, the system must also inform the public about steps they should take to protect their health and may have to replace lead service lines under their control.
*See Jose de Diego Community Academy/City of Chicago that exposed 1,100 children’s drinking water at risk of contamination on, 2007/2008.
EPA issued the Lead and Copper Rule in 1991 and revised the regulation in 2000 and 2007. States may set more stringent drinking water regulations than EPA.
In addition:
· EPA requires all community water systems to prepare and deliver an annual water quality report called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for their customers.
EPA requires community water systems to deliver a Consumer Confidence Report, also known as an annual drinking water quality report, to their customers. These reports provide Americans information about their local drinking water quality.
Reports must be sent by your water supplier each year by July 1.
Reports Contain:
· The lake, river, aquifer, or other source of the drinking water;
· A brief summary of the risk of contamination of the local drinking water source;
· The regulated contaminant found in local drinking water;
· The potential health effects of any contaminant detected in violation of an EPA health standard;
· An accounting of the system’s actions to restore safe drinking water;
· An educational statement for vulnerable populations about avoiding Cryptosporidium;
· Educational information on nitrate, arsenic, or lead in areas where these contaminants may be a concern.
This brief summary is representing the dangers involved with lead in the drinking water for the City of Chicago Potable Water System.
Compiled by an Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector, 2017.

Again, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has failed to install new copper services when installing new water mains. That means all the work will need to be redone. How stupid can you be. The Chicago Water Department and the Office of the Inspector General, has failed to protect the citizens of Chicago. Thanks to the experts in Plumbing that stepped forward. A political solution will mean more failure. I am proud of my commitment to all Chicago to stand up when needed. See you in court soon.

CHICAGO — An $85,068-a-year Chicago plumbing inspector who uncovered two pages of building-code violations that left 1,100 children at Jose de Diego Community Academy without water for weeks has been hit with back-to-back suspensions of three and 15 days.

Michael McGann said Monday the actions are in retaliation for his faxing a copy of his inspection report to the school’s principal, talking with a Chicago Sun-Times reporter about the threat of disciplinary action and cooperating with an inspector general’s investigation into what McGann calls “a rash of” substandard cast-iron pipe being used on city jobs.

The Sun-Times reported in late November that McGann faced disciplinary action for violating internal rules that prohibit preliminary inspection reports from being shared with outsiders until they’re officially approved.

McGann said he gave the Oct. 24 report to de Diego principal Alice Vera so she could use the information to expedite repairs that had languished for weeks at the 116-year-old school at 1313 N. Claremont.

On Jan. 18, McGann was told he was being suspended for three days. McGann said he pulled out a tape recorder because, “I wanted a record of the event — who was saying what, who was issuing what.”

The inspector said he served his suspension even as he filed an appeal with the same officials who suspended him. Then, on Friday, he was hit with another suspension, this time for 15 days. Among other things, he was accused of “borderline insubordination” for taping the earlier meeting.

“They’re trying to get rid of me because I’m honest, and I’m exposing corruption,” McGann said. “They were totally disregarding the health and safety of students in that school, using plumbing contractors they want to put Band-Aids on it. Eighty days after the water main broke, I showed up and found E. coli bacteria in three different locations. There was still contaminated drinking water in that school. They had a full kitchen and swimming pool they couldn’t use.”

Building Department spokesman Bill McCaffrey said McGann “is not being punished for sending that report out,” nor is he being targeted for blowing the whistle on alleged wrongdoing.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management improvements.

funny picture of Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson Hansen.jpg
Two more white City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees were shown the door today. One was escorted out by new black Managing Deputy Commissioner William Cheaks. Mr. Cheaks is a no nonsense, take no bullshit, type of leader Rahm Emanuel should have put in place from the beginning. Mr. Cheaks was also with Mr. Hightower, another hard working, take no prisoners type of boss that has zero tolerance for employees that fail to wear their helmet and safety vest. The white boss had always hidden the promotion list from black employees for decades. Then the promotion list would show up for all to see when the bid was over. One must wonder where the Plumbers’ Local 130 Union is in all this? Maybe putting Mike Tierney on the union payroll has left working union members out in the cold. The only time the blacks got their fair share of the overtime is when the white guys could not do the job or the weather was too extreme. The Mt. Greenwood trash have more big money whites off Rahm’s payroll. I know for a fact blacks were cheated out of the Superintendent position for decades. Time to make things right and give blacks their fair due.

Another Chicago Department boss, the product of Plumbers’ Local 130 was shown the door also. A prior “injury” in 2014 to the leg did not stop Cheaks from putting up with his crap. An attempt to say he fell while smoking a cigarette on the dock did not stop his removal. Is this workers compensation fraud? Well when you get caught up with someone that emails you his wife is a “wig and tits”, and you do not report it, you are heading to look for another job. So, remember this simple story, when Chicago Clout is going after some stupid piece of shit, stay out of the way. Stay miles away from our targets.

Another worthless pile of crap is getting removed out of his fancy office.
Chicago taxpayers made a real fancy office, better than the Commissioner for one of the guys hooked up with a boss at the Jardine Plant. Not long ago, lover boy was visiting her at the Jardine Plant for romantic lunches. Phony business at the Jardine Plant turned into hot romantic times, and the taxpayers paid it all. I am glad new strong leadership at the water department will review all the crap Bresnahan did to unclouted injured workers.

Please fire Lucy Pope Cozi Anderson Now, fire her husband, Andy Anderson now. Please review all the clout promotions made in the last decade. Please review all the jobs the blacks and Hispanics got screwed out of for decades. You have more work to do and I will name names if you do not remove the scum that has destroyed the department. You do not see this nasty shit in other major water departments. Remember, we know all.

Chicago Department of Water Management, home of “Wigs and Tits”

The City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management (DOWM) in its present state, is an absolute embarrassment to the entire United States and the whole world. Rahm Emanuel leaks more lies to the press, regarding the behavior and cover-ups of his most profitable enterprise and political money-making machine in the DOWM. Chicago Water Department. For decades, the Chicago Inspector General (Except David Hoffman) has been a willing participant in corruption, cronyism, bogus sweetheart contracts, and by allowing mayhem to ruin this great department.

Let’s talk about a few bright spots. Commissioner Powers did an acceptable job, but did not rein in his political subordinates. When you have a clout heavy employee POS going to the hockey games with the Mayor Emanuel, that who works under you, you cannot allow it. Powers did not control the crony’s idiots below him and paid a dear price. If you cannot control the clouted players, you are doomed. Powers did try to protect the drinking water in Chicago and in so doing, became the latest fall guy but got snuffed out by of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Rahm only cares about green issues when he is the political beneficiary. (his foil is Donald J. Trump). I wish Mr. Powers well and God speed.

Barrett Murphy was just fired from the City of Chicago. He took the reins in May of 2016. I give him credit because when he was number two, he did his job to check on the DOWM crews now and then. When Murphy took over he again did not gain control the madness at the DOWM. Some people like to delegate and some like to control. Murphy would delegate and as a result, his employees under him screwed him in record time. Murphy looks like an absolute fool for allowing William “Bareback” Bresnahan and Paul “Hot Dog” Hansen to run amuck for years. I really doubt Murphy is a racist, and I really doubt he found humor in Paul Hansen’s actions. Murphy is another real fall guy but not for the reasons the Chicago Tribune’s Hal Dardick and Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun Times wrote about him.

William “Bareback” Bresnahan was one entitled clouted player POS from Mt. Greenwood. Typical 19th Ward Clouted POS CPD enabler. Yes Sir, ole William Bresnahan is going home to his Chicago Police Captain wife and is going to need to explain how they are going to take a massive pay cut. Latest I heard is the possible removal of Bresnahan’s police powers. Who the hell wants someone with police powers acting out of control. William Bresnahan has been on my radar for a long time. He testified in court with Paul “Hamburger” Hansen during disciplinary hearings. Chicago hired an arbitrator, bought all the lies from Paul “Hotdog” Hansen.

Alderman Hansen’s son was an absolute self-engrossed idiot if I ever saw one. Since I started with Paul, I could not believe someone would not only hire him, but promote him. Every couple of years, old Paul would receive a promotion. Paul was not capable to do anything except talk big. Talk, talk, and talk shit. Paul Hansen was constantly in trouble but nothing became of it. He broke into cabinets, did as he pleased. He always acted as if anything he did, would have no consequences. Paul had a few guys he counted on to prop him up. They would be in his office every morning. Paul would drive like a fool making a cloud of dust. What a ham. If you think Paul Hansen is done with his city problems, you are wrong. Lawsuits regarding shoring are in route. The cover-ups of Paul Hansen transferring workers from district to district. What Paul Hansen did to Steve Broumas was unreal. Steve Broumas wrote up Paul Hansen at the Illinois Department of Human Rights. Paul went to Steve’s jobsite after and wrote him up. A clear act of retaliation. The entire top brass at the Department of Water Management needs to be fired. They cover up all the time for political hanks. Paul acted up at safety investigations, and was always confrontational. Paul blamed everyone except himself for years. In fact, years ago, Chicago Clout request Paul Hansen’s emails and then was blocked by the FOIA Officer. Yes, Chicago Clout is aware and has friends everywhere.

The future of the Department of Water Management. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the cover-up and email obstructionist, enlisted at taxpayer’s money a law firm to fix the culture of the Department of Water Management. Rahm really hired them to provide political cover for his next election. Rahm wants this company to provide training for racial and behavioral oversight only for supervisors. Rahm does not want regular workers to know the law. This clout heavy law firm will provide a black lawyer to oversee the mess. If you remember my fellow City of Chicago Workers, the Shakman mess, they had workers filling out forms and then never promoted. The workers that filled out the information got the shaft. The water department cannot be fixed because they left people like Lucy Pope Cozzi Anderson to run things. Luci needs to explain why she was in Paul Hansen office on a regular basis. She needs to explain why her husband made it up the promotional ranks so quick. Rahm Emanuel must fire all the people that took illegal promotions. Nothing ever stopped because the bosses are all dirty. If you are at the Chicago Department of Water Management and you are a boss, this is what happens:

The Chicago Department of Water Management gives contracts to over 100 hundred separate companies. Since the Department has spent decades hiring and promoting people like Paul Hansen, it has no competent leadership. The private contractors are hidden from the public eye because of the false and fake “safety, security concerns”. What a crock of shit. These contractors provide nice second jobs after clout heavy families receive their first massive public pension. These companies provide the support to keep the ball rolling and provide political cover for the massive theft and fraud machine Rahm Emanuel controls. No one knows what these contractors do. Joe Ferguson has done nothing to open the books. Nothing. The Plumbers’ Union in Chicago is a willing participant in this ongoing fraud scheme. The lead in the Chicago drinking water is a mess. The recent death of a Chicago City Bricklayer is a mess. The Lack of shoring is a mess. The lack of qualified workers is a mess. The firing of the three bosses a mess. The recent promotion of Randy Connor, Rahm Emanuel knee jerk reaction to put a black commissioner to run the water department, is a nightmare in the making. The only way, Mayor Rahm Emanuel can fix the Department of Water Management is do the following:

Wait, that would put Chicago Clout out of stories. Keep doing the same shit Rahm, I will write about it. Suggestion to Paul Hansen, Superdog is on the Northside, maybe you can bring your grill skills. But I would leave the “Wig and Tits” bullshit disrespect for good. Superdog would not tolerate your bullshit.

Rahm Emnauel’s City Water Department emails reveal racial insensitivity, sexism Water Department

A former city Water Department superintendent used his work email to distribute anti-Obama polemics, with some of his messages veering off into racially insensitive, anti-Islamic and sexist territory, documents obtained by the Tribune show.
Hal Dardick Contact Reporter

A former city Water Department superintendent used his work email to distribute anti-Obama polemics, with some of his messages veering off into racially insensitive, anti-Islamic and sexist territory, documents obtained by the Tribune show.

Some of the emails were sent to former water Commissioner Barrett Murphy and former Managing Deputy Commissioner William Bresnahan, according to the documents.

Both resigned last month amid a Department of Water Management shakeup that sources said was triggered by an inspector general’s investigation into racist and sexist email messages distributed within the long-troubled agency. District Superintendent Paul Hansen, of 7208 West Olive Avenue, who sent the messages, also resigned.

A man who identified himself over the phone as Hansen hung up Friday on a Tribune reporter trying to ask questions about the emails. Attempts to reach Murphy and Bresnahan were not successful.

The emails reviewed by the Tribune were provided by the city in response to an open records request. They are just some of the allegedly racist and sexist messages that are part of the investigation, a source familiar with the matter said.

A message sent by Hansen to Murphy and Bresnahan in March 2014 includes a missive penned by “an American citizen” in response to an imprecisely quoted statement by then-President Barack Obama that “Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”

It goes on to falsely contend that Muslims played no role in several significant historical events, including the Civil War and the civil rights era, and conclude: “Muslim Heritage, my ass.”

Gun deal emails spurred city probe into racist, sexist Water Department messages
In January 2014, Hansen sent a message first to Murphy and minutes later to Bresnahan about checking a water fountain on the 2700 block of Irving Park Road, the site of Horner Park.

“Got a call from an asian carp calling from his obama issued aquaphone tellin me it taste funny!” Hansen wrote.

Hansen that same month also forwarded to Murphy a series of images of anti-Obama signs the email says were posted along a highway in Seattle. In November 2015, Hansen and other supervisors circulated a lengthy, profanity-laced anti-Obama joke among one another.

In a February 2014 email, Hansen uses sexist language as he makes fun of a colleague in response to a lengthy message he sent to Hansen about a frozen water main. “After all that long winded jib jab that i could get plenty of at home with the kotex mafia, you going back!” Hansen wrote.

Hansen also was the recipient of a March 2014 email that linked to an online video showing several Kenyans unsuccessfully trying to fly an aircraft they had built. “They are human beings. Just like us! Only 100 years later,” reads a message in bold above the link. That message also was received by a department foreman.

Hours after the city released the emails to the Tribune, new water Commissioner Randy Conner announced that all managers and supervisors in his department would be provided with additional training on federal Equal Employment Opportunity regulations designed to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

City officials also said that additional training for other city departments would follow and that the city was hiring the Foley & Lardner law firm “to conduct an independent, third-party review of the city’s diversity and equal employment opportunity policy and make recommendations to prevent and address discrimination in the workplace.”

The probe that led to the resignations of Murphy, Bresnahan and Hansen began more than eight months ago.

Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office was looking into water department emails about gun deals when it discovered sexist and racist emails, sources have told the Tribune. Hansen’s computer was seized as part of the investigation, the sources said.

Murphy, the former commissioner, is married to Lynn Lockwood, who at one time was chairman and treasurer of one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political funds and is a friend of Chicago first lady Amy Rule.

Emanuel last month said he was made aware by Ferguson’s office of a problem with “one particular employee” and “in that process, it exposed a culture in the Water Department workplace” that doesn’t represent city values.

He also said that Murphy agreed after the emails surfaced that there should be a reset in the culture of the agency, now headed by Conner, who moved over from the city Department of Transportation.

Hansen has his own political connections. He’s the son of former 44th Ward Ald. Bernard Hansen.

The Water Department was long rattled by negative headlines under former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration, which was rocked by the Hired Truck scandal and an illegal jobs scam run under former top water official Donald Tomczak, who served time in prison.

Under Tomczak, jobs and promotions were handed out in exchange for political work, creating an army of ground troops for multiple political campaigns, including Emanuel’s successful 2002 bid for Congress.

Chicago Tribune’s Todd Lighty contributed.

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Sun-Times misses the point with Joe Ferguson Clown Prince of the Inspector General

Joe Ferguson, Chicago Inspector General first in line to steal credit. Ole Joe, tells everyone he separates the wheat from the chaff. When a Chicago City workers calls, or emails the O.I.G. you would expect an investigation. You would expect an interview to obtain a proper response to your concerns. I know for a fact when David Hoffman, the outstanding inspector general ran things, his staff was top notch and professional.
Not the case for phony Joe Ferguson, the psychic inspector general that know everything. Emails are not returned. Joe has not done a fucking thing about the corrupt promotion system still in place at the Department of Water Management. Joe covered up for Paul Hansen for over a decade.

But what we do know is the following, Joe Ferguson tips off the Sun-Times on a regular basis. Joe Ferguson tips off all departments when he faxes over inquires for information.
Joe Ferguson does not expose Chicago Commissioners that stall and refuse to discipline workers. When you ask for a FOIA from the Inspector General, they stall. Same treatment when you file complaints against corrupt FOIA officers covering up crime in Chicago. One thing we know for sure, Joe retaliated against whistleblowers and is a puppet of Rahm Emanuel. Most of the challenged I.G. complaints are dismissed in court as a farse. Most I.G. employees are part time pass through college grads waiting for a real job. But don’t worry, Joe will be the first in line to pose for pictures and take credit he does not deserve. P.S. Joe, remove that ugly mole from your nose.

Sun-Times Editorial Board
Just when you think Chicago municipal government is fully joining the modern world, somebody tugs open a closet door and out tumble the patronage hacks, the mopes who sleep on the job and the two-bit office bigots who really should shut up.

Feels like old times, you know?

That’s how we felt last week when we learned that goofs in the city’s Department of Water Management had been caught bouncing around emails that were racist, sexist and homophobic.


We can’t say we were surprised. The Department of Water Management has a long history of corruption and bigotry. But didn’t this stuff pretty much end when a federal court killed patronage politics? Once a judge handed down a series of rulings beginning in the late 1970s, known as the Shakman decrees, that banned hiring based on family or political loyalty, Uncle Al in Streets and San could no longer hire Cousin Bob or protect him when he screwed up.

Or so we thought.

We asked Don Rose, the veteran political consultant.

“Somehow, a few old-style patronage havens continue to exist,” he said with a shrug. “We’ll have these little sewers around for a few years.”
Elected officials, Rose said, are loath to give up “what few patronage privileges remain.”

In the meantime, all we can do is hold people to account when the sewage bubbles up.

On that score, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had no choice but to fire Barrett Murphy, the head of the Department of Water Management. Murphy may be more new school than old school, or so we’re told, but he was aware of the offensive emails and apparently did nothing about them.

The very way the emails were discovered by City Inspector General Joe Ferguson tells you something about the department’s continued hinky ways. Ferguson was investigating allegations that an employee was using his city email account to sell guns. Who uses the company email to sell guns?

And the employee in question was Paul Hansen, a son of former longtime Ald. Bernie Hansen.

Paul Hansen, as reporter Fran Spielman notes, has the kind of checkered past that once was common among a certain substrata of clout-protected city workers. Among the classic knocks against him — this really is old-school Chicago — is that he allegedly used political clout in 2010 to get his job back after a DUI conviction. Given that part of Hansen’s job was to drive around town to check on work sites, you might wonder about that.

But, then, this is the same Department of Water Management run 14 years ago by a deputy commissioner, Donald Tomczak, who went to prison for utterly ignoring all that Shakman stuff and doling out jobs, promotions and overtime to an army of political workers. It’s the same department at the center of the Sun-Times’ 2004 “Hired Trucks” investigation, in which we learned the city was hiring private truck companies with excellent political connections to do little or no work.

When Emanuel fired Barrett last week, he acknowledged that the Department of Water Management still has its issues. He said there should be a “reset button hit as it related to the culture.”

The good news is that the Department of Water Management, by anybody’s honest reckoning, is no longer the norm among city departments. It is more of a cultural zombie, popping back to life just when you thought it might be dead. Federal court orders, federal prosecutions and political evolutions, such as how local elections are funded and fought, have led to dramatic reforms.

Key to that progress has been the creation of an office of inspector general by many units of local governments, including Ferguson’s office for City Hall.

Even as the old ways die out, the best inspectors general remain on zombie patrol.

Rahm Emanuel’s top Water Department employee busted with prostitution Sting.

Brian Tierney City of Chicago.jpg Brian Tierney is an Operating Engineer for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He works under Paul E. Hansen son of former Alderman Bernie Hansen, a former trash man made superstar thanks to Alderman Tunney. The North District is the home of heroin deals, pay to play for overtime, bribes and non-stop criminal activities. In fact, get a DUI, cry to Rahm and get promoted!!!
Brian is not a bad guy, but if Rahm is paying guys over $100,00.00 per year, you got money for high class prostitutes. Brian Tierney has got high class clout, so he might be able to cover this up. So lets see what Mr. Bresnahan and Mr. Powers have to say about this crazy non-sense. Lets watch what the Mayor of Chicago says before the election. Let’s hear what Michael Tierney says. This is conduct unbecoming. Joe Ferguson of the Chicago Inspector General can not cover this up again. Folks, the Chicago Sun-Times stopped publishing these type of stories when Rahm ordered them to.Seven Chicago area men were arrested Feb. 5 in Wilmette in an undercover sting operation offering prostitution in advertising on social media, police said..

19 men arrested in Lake County prostitution stingLake County Crime19 men arrested in Lake County prostitution
According to Wilmette police, a multi-jurisdictional task force targeted prostitution through various social media networks. Investigators set up a fake prostitution advertisement and directed would-be customers to a specific room at the Residence Inn, 3205 Old Glenview Road, police said.
Five area police departments and prosecutors were involved in the sting operation, police said.
“All arrests took place in Wilmette,” said Wilmette Deputy Police Chief Kyle Murphy. “In the past we’ve partnered with these other jurisdictions when they’ve run prostitution stings. This time, we took a turn.”
Tose arrested Feb. 5 include Don Karger, 53, of 9040 Kedvale Ave., Skokie; Eduardo Romero, 30, of 7035 N. Ridge Blvd., Chicago; Mark L. Rumbolt, 40, of 329 Custer Ave., Evanston; Stavros C. Sellas, 38, of 2214 N. Rockwell St., Chicago; Samir Husetovic, 50, of 7521 W. Brown Ave., Forest Park; Vasil Lizarov, 24, of 1720 Palm Drive, Mount Prospect; and Brian Tierney, 44, of 5812 N. Octavia Ave., Chicago, police said.
According to police, the seven suspects were arrested after allegedly offering an undercover police officer money in exchange for a sex act.

All seven offenders were each charged with one count of solicitation of a sexual act, police said. Each suspect is expected to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. March 24 at Cook County’s 2nd Municipal District Courthouse in Skokie.

The undercover operation included participation from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Evanston, Skokie, Lincolnwood and Oakbrook Terrace police departments, police said.

Murphy declined to comment on which social media websites police targeted.

Residence Inn officials cooperated in the investigation, he said.

“They were very helpful in offering up their facility to assist our investigation,” Murphy said.