Mayor Daley uses child labor to repair fire hydrants in Chicago

Kids paint Chicago Fire Hydrants I know Mayor Daley is absolutely out of control in Chicago, but this is a new twist. I was called after work Saturday to look into a bunch of kids painting Fire Hydrants in Chicago. The kids were doing a fairly nice job and even took the time to place tape on the threads of the ports. I made sure some police showed up as everyone should when people tamper with the potable water supply. This is a major priority after 9/11 and posters at work inform us to not take this lightly. The kids told me they were doing a project for an Eagle Scout that was not on the site. I got another story about something to do with Alderman Doherty. I am not sure but they said they have written permission from the Alderman of the 41st Ward to paint Hydrants. The Chicago Police showed up after calling the leak desk and I let them know what was going on. The Police officer told me he painted hydrants red, white and blue during the America’s bicentennial when he was a kid. After the cops left, I talked to a man that is a Union 14 painter out of work over one year. It is a shame Daley and Doherty are having kids paint hydrants as working men starve. This is an interesting story; it just depends on your point of view. Is politics involved? I know I do these things on my own time, it shows what a great guy I am! Remember you silly gooses, do not touch the drinking water in Chicago unless you are an employee of the Department of Water Management, a phony minority company approved by Daley, or you have direct permission from the Commissioner of Water Management. Photo by Patrick McDonough