What Thanksgiving should really mean in Chicago thanks to Reverend Msgr. Michael M. Boland

Senator James Meeks and Rev. Msgr. Michael M. Boland Chicago Catholic Charities I know it sounds corny from a Chicago Roman Catholic taking a sabbatical, but it did feel great to go back to my roots. I enjoyed my conversation with Reverend Monsignor Michael M. Boland at the Thanksgiving meal for Chicago’s homeless. Rev. Boland is the Administrator, President, and CEO of The Catholic Charities. I am happy to report Rev. Boland agreed to appear on Chicago Clout as a guest. I was going to talk about the political results of the Chicago Catholic Church since Richard Daley became mayor. I do not think Daley has done enough positive, in words or actions, to promote or recognize the important work the Catholic Church. I hope the next Mayor of Chicago understands the importance of all religions and shows thanks for the good deeds. Daley decided to get into the religious business with his “Mayor Daley Meals on Wheels” self-promotions with taxpayer money. I enjoyed this Thanksgiving with this man of faith; Rev. Boland inspired me to get closer to my upbringing. Enjoy this picture of Illinois State Senator James T. Meeks and Reverend Monsignor Michael Boland taken November 25, 2010. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Who will be the next Alderman of the 48TH Ward?

The 48Th ward in Chicago has been poorly served by Mary Ann Smith for a mighty long time. Any slop Mayor Daley served up to Mary Ann Smith was eagerly gobbled down. Mary Ann was at the trough for far too long. Two candidates could not even get on the ballot last election, because of Mary's staff of political experts. I really wish Mary Ann Smith would have spent that time looking over proposals the Daley Administration dumped on us. Mary Ann would blindly vote for everything and anything. Many parts of the ward vastly improved thanks to the massive cash influx during the last couple of decades. Andersonville is a great neighborhood. Many improvement have been made to the ward but the decay is evident more each day. The infrstrucure in crumbling, sewers, water main leaks left for weeks are on the increase. 48th Ward Superintendent Conrad Suerth has been one of the bright points in the ward. Conrad was a ditchdigger at the political Chicago Water Department. Connie dumped ship after the Hired Truck Scandal. My concern for the ward is political gadfly Harry Osterman, a real windbag, useless as they come. Harry will be back with the same old machine politics destroying Chicago. The only bright spot is a guaranteed job for Conrad Suerth. The 48Th Ward needs a fresh face ready, willing and able to address ward problems. I am happy Mary Ann Smith is going out to graze. Bye, Bye. Patrick McDonough, the pride of Andersonville.