CBS 2 News Chicago covers City Worker assualt July 21, 2011

City Worker injured turning off hydrants CBS2News Chicago Richard Quarles, a 20 year Chicago City Worker was assaulted by neighborhood kids when he turned off a fire hydrant. Both members of the crew were pushed and shoved. The event was covered by CBS2 News staff. City residents need to report open hydrants and call police. Chicago Clout has reported Fire Hydrant issues for many years. City workers understand the kids need to stay cool, but wasting water is not cool. Photo from cbs2 Chicago website. Patrick McDonough

City of Chicago Water Department snippets for March 8, 2010

The Department of Water Management had a visitor back at the Jardine Plant this morning. He was blocking the front entrance with his big black BMW. Rumor has it he smells a job opening at the Department of Water Management left open by a fired commissioner. I guess Mayor Daley might be pulling the race card in filling these openings instead of hiring a college educated licensed engineer. Mayor Daley has a habit of filling a position with someone of the same race which makes no sense. In a related story, Fran Spielman reported Alderman Austin does not want an Inspector General snooping around the Chicago City Council members. I think she might change her mind when she is done unloading more family and friends on the city payroll. The Department of Water Management has a mess in the payroll department with many city workers shortchanged on the paycheck week after week. Workers complained some payroll department employees are not trained or capable of handling the job. A large amount of complaints were unearthed in the files cabinets of a terminated water department employee. This is another version of the old "circular file". Bosses said they will get back to me soon, some employees leave at 3:00 p.m. and making less clouted workers stay until 3:30p.m. Thanks to the bosses in Central District for looking into this matter.