"Edgy in Edgewater", Chicago's 48th Ward Block Club Meeting

Phil Bernstein in Action 48Th Ward debate Tonight was a meeting of the minds in the Chicago Edgewater neighborhood. This was an EBNA block club meeting, an open meeting, at Edgewater Presbyterian Church.
Phil Bernstein, a candidate for 48Th Ward Alderman, gave a well thought out presentation. the various issues showed he took the time and was prepared to debate. The guests and block members are well educated, community minded, and very sophisticated. Many of these community activists were not at all pleased with some of Phil’s prior posts on one of his websites. Like a shark swimming in circles, some members waited to strike. The debate was very good for our community, many people were hungry to put in their two cents. Some of the exchanges were downright rough and tumble. The 48Th needs more debates and soon. The block club members are an important part of the 48Th ward. Phil deserves credit for his honest approach and making the case as Alderman. Phil would make a much better Alderman than Harry Osterman when it comes to an intellectual approach to issues, but Harry has more political savvy. Phil is new to the game and this takes time. I made a video of tonight’s meeting and hope to have it for everyone. Photo by Patrick McDonough.