Rahm Emanuel should shut up before he gets some Trump time.

Rahm Emanuel with CPD recruits.jpg
Most Americans want to clean up America. Donald Trump was elected to do so. Donald Trump wants to clean up the borders and get things under control. Many City of Chicago City Workers known for their political expertise worked like animals to get Donald Trump into office. Hillary thought everything was in the bag.

Rahm Emanuel though he could have business as usual for another four years. That means governing like an absolute idiot, stealing everything that is not glued down. Making financial deals to enrich himself and his friends. Having immigrants means Rahm’s spend taxpayer dollars on programs to make his friends very wealthy. The money is made in managing programs. Just skimming off the cream at every turn. Rahm Emanuel does not care about the immigrants, but he does provide low cost labor for major corporations, like the airlines. Rahm knows for certain some parts of the population will not take these menial jobs for lousy pay. Rahm loves the pulpit acting as if he cares about the poor. Rahm thinks the poor are subhuman. Rahm Emanuel love Rahm Emanuel. He is a selfish slob.

Rahm visited some police graduating event and shaved his legs to look youthful. One of the police recruits said, “Rahm Emanuel had shaving cream on the back of his thigh”. He also said that is why they were laughing at Rahm. Rahm was wearing running shorts and the Chicago media ate it up. Wake up Chicago, Rahm is another Daley. No good for business. Chicago needs to get under control fast.