Layoff Rumors for City of Chicago Employees Spreading

During difficult times, rumors are abounding. Many City of Chicago employees are concerned about the possibility of no work in the future. I want everyone to sit back and relax, we have our eyes everywhere. I think the Daley Administration should stop using layoffs to further their agenda, it is immoral. I am asking all employees that have not received any benefit from the Shakman settlement to make sure they get their legal papers into us for review. Protect your rights. As soon as I have some facts on the personnel adjustments and/or any layoffs, I will let you know. We are also going to watch layoffs that might impede workers rights and equal treatment. I also want those concerned about rumors; expect us to fight any layoff that interferes with a court order. The Daley budget crisis will not be an excuse to spit on city workers or destroy their families. I also want you city workers to keep updating Chicago Clout with all the addresses of any contractors working for the city, they are taking your work away, and prove Daley is loaded with money. I also suggest you take pictures of the contractor's workers and their cars. Please record license places and city stickers. Do not talk to anyone or interfere with their work! Thanks, Patrick McDonough.