Chicago Fire Hydrants operations flawed, situation critical

Chicago Fire Hydrant Not Working 2.jpg I do not remember how many times I have urged the Chicago Media, the Chicago Department of Water Management, and The Chicago Fire Department, to step up the urgent and critical need to make Chicago Fire Hydrants ready and working. Winter is fast approaching and every second counts when a family is in a burning house. I spoke with a high ranking Fire Department official that asked me to again put the torch on the department’s ass to make the fire hydrants in full operational condition. This fire hydrant is one of many in an industrial section with an entire block of missing working hydrants. I think the Office of the Inspector General should find out why thousands of fire hydrants are out of service, hard to operate, or not draining. Chicago Clout wishes to again thank CBS2 Chicago Michele Youngerman and David Savini for making the public aware. There are solutions and one was solved years ago in the Central District by me; simply lead the mechanical nozzles into the hydrant. The Chicago Water Department does not listen to the folks with the answers. The big push in the department seems to be promoting friends and family. The big push is the bogus sewer lining contract and reinstall the rainblockers. Stupid is as stupid does. Also, we need to look into the “insider” copper theft this weekend in the Water Department. Another Plumber was also caught stealing copper not long ago and fired. I have asked for surveillance cameras in every Water Department location. I also want cameras at every swipe location. I will keep you informed as things go along. The Department of Water Management refuses to protect the safety of the drinking Water in Chicago. Time to fire more people now. Photo by Patrick McDonough.