Chicago Clout and team up. Buckle Up Chicago

Richard Daley's Passion.jpg This is a vision of Mayor Daley and his insane desire to be the God Almighty of the Olympic Games. For some reason, Daley thought he could crap the world with is bully tactics, just like he does in Chicago. I always hear about Daley and his passion, fight for what you believe in, he bellows like a big airbag. Daley has a problem because he has been put in his place again by everyone outside the Chicagoland area. They do not rely on his illegal contracts and bending the laws, his arm-twisting is stopped at the door. I find it beyond belief Daley is worried about abortion rights at this time, when his credibility and respect is tanking. I wonder what fool in his Administration told him to rant about this new topic. Daley cannot control all the contract favors and keep Chicago City Workers gainfully employed. Chicago is in a financial mess, Daley is at the helm. When trouble happens, people look for answers; Daley is not the go to guy. I have finally met someone to partner with on getting graphics which will give Jack Higgins a run for his money. Now that is a great and mighty task! We are also fixing the sound in our last video posts that was caused in the studio.