Thomas F. Roeser's wife Lillian Roeser keeps the faith!

Lillian Roeser wife of Thomas F. Roeser I took this picture of Lillian Roeser on May 1, 2011 when I was invited to the Tom Roeser Radio Show on WLS Am 890. Tom phoned me as I was in conference with Park Ridge Attorney Russ Stewart. We all said our hello and I agreed to be on the show. When I was on the show, I asked Tom Roeser if he would be on Chicago Clout and he agreed… he then said he was not sure. I did not read into it. I really liked Tom and his wife Lillian, they went everywhere together. I spoke with Lillian yesterday at the wake. Lillian is going to allow me to release some great video and pictures Tom at his radio show. I just need some time to make sure everything is “just right”. Thank you for everything Roeser Family! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Thomas Roeser God Bless you and may you rest in peace.

Thomas Roeser, my special friend, mentor and teacher, you have no idea how heart-broken I am. I have some very special pictures of you and your family at one of your last radio shows. I need time to figure out the best way to present these pictures in a proper manner. I know I made you laugh and hold your breath many times. Thank you. with love, Patrick McDonough.