Tommie Talley back getting taxpayer's loot for nothing?

Tommie Talley Pension.jpg Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago at 321 North Clark Street, Suite 700 Chicago, Illinois 60654 welcomed Tommie Talley today. Tommie was removed after a disgraceful employment at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. Must have been Tommie ordering City Workers to make free repairs at the Daley’s 11Th Ward Church that sealed the deal. Tommie then marched over to the County until Dane Placko busted him on Fox News Chicago. Tommie had some serious clout for a long time. I do not think criminal activity should allow folks to collect a pension and Tommie Talley is much too young to collect money for nothing. My inside guy told me Tommie was going to buy a Subway Franchise and make a go of that years back, guess that failed also. I know when Tommie Talley sent a worker to the Central District for retaliation; he did not look over his back for payback. I am against Tommie Talley taking any kind of money from the taxpayers after his lousy work at the Water Department. We need some real detective work to find out what is going on. The scoop was given to Chicago Clout January, 18, 2012 by one of our detectives. Chicago Clout is everywhere, we are after you next, “snicker”. Maybe Tommie can stop by Dean Slawek’s attempt to sneak back into the city with his highbrow gun lawyer. The scam starts on February 10, 2012. Watches out all you unemployed Chicago Plumbers, go to City Hall 11Th Floor 10:00 AM. See if the James Sullivan sells out the Plumbing License Law for a doorbell ringer. NO MORE SCAMS CITY HALL. Where the heck are the FEDS?

Chicago City Workers and Local 130 Plumbers protest Todd Stroger to fire Tommie Talley

City of Chicago Political hack, Chicago Department of Water Management Boss, and John Daley Goon, Tommie Talley, was under fire today at the Cook County Department of Transportation. These workers showed up at 6:30 a.m. to demand Tommie Talley’s immediate termination . Chicago Plumbers want to know how the Plumber’s Local 130 allowed this man a journeyman’s card despite never working a day as a plumber. According to a Local 130 Plumber, “You can buy a Plumber’s License in Chicago if you know Dan McLaughlin, James Sullivan, or Robert Ryan”. “It is great; you don’t need to know shit about Plumbing”. Tommie Talley was ordered to see the Office of the Inspector General after the “Hired Truck Scandal Broke and Mayor Daley ordered a phony investigation”. The Chicago Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris let many of Daley’s political hacks off the hook, the F.B.I let many of these goons off the hook, and continue to raid the taxpayers last few pennies. Please tell Todd Stroger to review the way Water Department Women were treated and given preferred positions thanks to Talley. Union Local 1092 black women were given inside office jobs despite possible Shakman Violations. We will “Rally to Fire Talley” no matter where the County hides him”, declared protesters today. Tally also allowed some workers paid lunch with clout. The next protests are scheduled downtown at the Cook County Building. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Chicago City Workers and Local 130 Plumbers protest Todd Stroger to fire Tommie Talley”

Fran Spielman has a massive scoop on Chicago Department of Water Managemnt

Daley shakes up Transportation, Water Management departments
May 14, 2010
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Mayor Daley on Friday once again shook up two city departments at the center of the Hired Truck and city hiring scandals.
When the music stopped in Daley's version of musical chairs, Acting Transportation Commissioner Tom Powers was the new commissioner of Water Management. Bobby Ware, Transportation's managing deputy, was the new Transportation commissioner.
And Water Management Commissioner John Spatz was the odd man out. He's expected to be demoted to first deputy.
Powers, Ware and Spatz did not return phone calls.
Ware, 47, is the son of Mitchell Ware, a former deputy police superintendent and former Circuit Court judge who co-founded Chicago's premier minority law firm.
Mitchell Ware's 1998 judicial appointment by then-state Supreme Court Justice Charles Freeman raised eyebrows because the IRS had $318,000 in liens against Ware for unpaid taxes dating back to 1981.
Daley has been under fire for a shortage of African-Americans in top management, particularly after the resignation of Office of Compliance Chief Anthony Boswell, the abrupt retirement of Fire Commissioner John Brooks and the firing of Deputy Water Management Commissioner Tom Talley.
The appointment of Bobby Ware, who is also a lawyer, should appease African-American aldermen. But, the leadership change is somewhat ill-timed. Transportation just kicked off its construction season with Phase Two of the Wacker Drive Drive reconstruction project.
Powers, 42, has been with the department since 1996, spending four years as first deputy and one as acting commissioner. He was never promoted to the permanent job because of the conflict posed by the fact that his brothers work for engineering companies that do business with CDOT. Apparently, no such conflict exists in the Department of Water Management.
Spatz has a background in chemical engineering and used it to focus heavily on water quality. But, Daley views him as a weak manager, sources said.
Spatz was forced to fire Talley after Inspector General Joe Ferguson accused the $127,824-a-year deputy of dispatching city crews to do drain work on private property.
And Spatz has managed to entice just 5,000 homeowners along Chicago's Bungalow Belt to make the switch to water meters instead of paying a flat fee for unlimited use.
Only 1,000 meters have been installed so far, in spite of Daley's seven-year guarantee that water bills during that period will be no higher than they would otherwise have been when the water spigot was flowing freely.
Three years into a $39 million contract, automatic meter readers have now been installed on 140,000 of 162,000 existing meters that measure water usage in tall buildings, businesses and newer homes.
Only after automatic meter readers are up and running can Chicago can begin to cut off the free water spigot by installing meters in the 350,000 households without them.
For months, there has been speculation that Daley may be laying the groundwork to privatize all or parts of Chicago's water system. Some insiders believe Powers may have marching orders to move more aggressively toward that end.
But, top mayoral aides insist that selling off the filtration plants is not in the works and has nothing to do with the changes.
Dave Donovan — brother of Richard J. Daley's longtime patronage chief Tom Donovan — is expected to serve as Ware's operations chief. Dave Donovan currently serves as a deputy commissioner in charge of trades for the Department of General Services.