Another City of Chicago Workers dies to to lack of safety on the South Side

The City of Chicago has been henpecked by me for years to encourage safety. Day after Day for years, I called and called requesting trench shoring and safety opening policies. I am happy to report the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has improved; the wait to full compliance is a long and painful journey. I am surprised the Unions have not been more diligent in the safety concerns of the members. Today, a tragic and painful reminder has reared its ugly head, a Chicago Park District Worker died. (Mann Park) It seems the worker fell head first into an opening and drowned; I cannot imagine a more tragic death. I need to say it again, the people that work for the City of Chicago must understand, work safe, period. I hope Mayor Daley takes time to visit this poor man's family and give them comfort. If someone has information on Gene's family forward it to me so we can get a fund going. I hope everyone understands the stress Chicago workers face and realize Chicago Workers put their lives on the line every day. Worry about having a job tomorrow weighs heavy on all Chicago City Employees. Rest in Peace brother. Patrick McDonough P.S. I hope the buddy system was in place to help save this man's life, I heard it was not!