Ex-Chicago Alderman Patrick "Phat" Levar uses non-union company for home repairs

Levar Roof Repair Scabs.jpg The Chicago Plumber’s Union has enjoyed many events with former Alderman Levar in attendance. In fact, Chicago Clout has pictures of Patrick Levar with his green Plumbers Local 130 hat on his head. I never did like Pat Levar because I though he was a piece of shit. I had pictures of Pat Levar with the old North District Superintendent and City Sewer Vactor on political flyers. Pat Levar would visit the North District Yard around the “Hired Truck” days. Around April 17, 2012, a non-union roofing contractor was working on Levar’s house. I asked the contractor what union affiliation they belonged to. The roofing company management confirmed they are in fact non-union. Lately, the Chicago roofers union ran a series of ads making the public aware of their existence. Pat Levar shit in their face by accepting union money for politics, and then hiring scabs at his house. I hate to swear, and I do not very often on this website, but Levar is a big fat piece of shit. There is no lost love between Levar and me, but I called this scumbag out years ago. I think Jim Sullivan should ask for all the donations back from this goon. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Michele J. Piszczor Chicago's Choice for the Illinois 22nd District

Michele Piszczor on Chicago Clout Final.jpg Tonight, Chicago Clout was honored to have Michele Piszczor on our CAN-TV show. Michele never took a duck on any questions and has a strong grasp of the issues. She is attempting to unseat the most corrupt politician in Illinois, Michael J. Madigan. Madigan is spending a fortune to save his seat, the Illinois 22nd. The voters of the 22nd District can elect a fresh, bright, and full time candidate for a change. This is a Sampson vs. Goliath attempt by Michele. Michele has earned our support and endorsement. Chicago Clout will post the video interview very soon. We cannot afford Madigan and the corruption any longer. Please vote for Michele Piszczor.