James Sullivan Plumber's Local 130

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On March 18, 2006, Plumber’s Local 130 Business Manager, James Sullivan, thanked all the Plumbers that showed up for the Political Action Task Force. At the Plumber’s Chicago and State mandatory required licence four hour renewal class, James Sullivan requested 500 Plumbers for politicking. On Saturday, March 18, 2006 only about 55 Plumbers attended to pass out Political literature. After Tom Dart, a Sheriff Candidate spoke, we went politicking in the 47 ward. I asked some Union Local 130 Plumbers from Chicago why the light showing, I was told since Mayor Daley’s Hiring Scandal, Local 130 cannot get Chicago city jobs on union clout anymore, so why do politics. The old Business Manager, Gerald Sullivan, could get city plumbing jobs for it’s members. Also Local 130 does not go to bat for it’s members that are employed by Chicago Water Department. Clout: Union money, losing clout quick.

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  1. James Sullivan looks like a 60’s snake oil salesman. He is half the man Gerald Sullivan is. Both of those guys are double dipping. We know all about Gerald “Parks” Sullivan of Plumber’s Local 130.

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