Chicago Sewer Rainblocker Update

Rain Blocker update.jpg
For the second time contact has been made regarding the City of Chicago Department of Water Management “Rain Blocker Program”. As I have said before years and years ago, the program which was piloted in Edgebrook has opened a major liability for the City of Chicago. From day one, I said the reduction of an entrance to a engineered drainage system is not code. The greatest problem areas include schools, and congested areas which garbage accumulates. Edgebrook is normally well maintained, (exceptions noted here before), so maybe the designed was flawed from the outset. Also the city failed to report honestly, city employees bust the device out when flooding occurs. Please note the contents of this “Chicago Orange Peel”, If you have had flooding contact Quinlan & Carrol ltd. 30 North LaSalle 29th Floor Chicago, Illinois 60602 Phone 1-312-263-0900. The lawyers on this case are James Niewiara and William R. Quinlan. The current lawsuit is Costello v. City of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Back to School with Tom Roeser Rep. Jack and Debby Franks

Jack D. Franks.jpg
Tonight I went back to school at Roosevelt University. The Instructor is Thomas F. Roeser a well known conservative commentator on WLS News Talk Radio. Tom was amazing and the stories he told made the night fly bye. Tonight’s special guest was State Representative Jack D. Franks of Illinois 63rd District. I see how this Democrat won multiple times in a heavy Republican area. Rep. Franks is a breath of fresh air in Illinois’s Corrupt Government. He really seems to fight tooth and nail for the people that elected him. Mrs. Franks was also in attendance. I give Rep. Franks a high clout rating and I hope more serve like him. Contact him at
Awesome Political Class, lots of high profile people attended. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Millenium Park Security and Union Concerns

Millennium Park Security.jpg
For over two years I have tried to unravel the mysteries concerning the Chicago Millenium Park Security team. Chicago which prides itself as a Union Town should unravel this nightmare- Is Millenium Park Security union or non-union? I have sent certified letters and they have not been responded by the City of Chicago. I asked Chicago Park Police what the deal is and they said the workers are non-union. When I ask the guards they say they pay about thirty dollars a month for union dues to SEIU. They complained they make less than $10:00 a hour, although some say more. about $13.00. One guard said the Union sucks and they have only received $.25 cents an hour raise in two years. Two guards say they are non-union. I know Titan Security in Chicago is non-union. (The parent company). Also the use of Cameras in this Park is still not resolved. I hope you have a nice “Union Laborer’s Day” and why is Chicago Management getting the Day off? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Former Inspector General's Pig Pen?

Alex's House.jpg
The City of Chicago has neighborhoods that take quite a bit of pride in the appearance of their homes. One such area is Edgebrook, a cozy area that is clean and well maintained. There is always an exception to the rule and this is it. Do these homeowners know what a lawn mower is? What landscapers are? How to clean a messy garage? How to organise a home and show respect to the folks next door building an expensive home? This home is on Lightfoot just off of Caldwell Avenue. Is this Alexander Vroustouris’s Home? if it is, spend some money and clean up. If you spend taxpayer’s money on residency violations, look in you own back yard for this residency violation. Enough is enough. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Millennium Park Mausoleum

Millennium Park Monument.jpg
When Chicago gentry die they usually spend a fortune on their final “Resting Place”. To get money from these Wealthy Families you need to stroke their egos. Chicago Millennium park gave a “Gravestone” to these people with heavy duty money and clout. It is hard to believe Oprah has her name in stone but not her “Life Partner”. Make sure to visit the Millennium Park Mausoleum for Chicago Clout Heavy. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Millennium Park Entertainment

New Orleans Cool Cats.jpg
Today, on September 2, 2006, I went to Millennium Park in Chicago Illinois, to check out the Park. Many people showed up today and one of the most entertaining people was Valentino. He has a Jazz Puppet act that was very entertaining. He also had kids from the crowd join his act. Michael and David McDonough played with the band and the crowd had a blast. Valentino’s New Orleans Cool Cats are available for parties and events. Valentino can be reached at 1-773-368-0223 or Photo by Patrick McDonough