Millenium Park Security and Union Concerns

Millennium Park Security.jpg
For over two years I have tried to unravel the mysteries concerning the Chicago Millenium Park Security team. Chicago which prides itself as a Union Town should unravel this nightmare- Is Millenium Park Security union or non-union? I have sent certified letters and they have not been responded by the City of Chicago. I asked Chicago Park Police what the deal is and they said the workers are non-union. When I ask the guards they say they pay about thirty dollars a month for union dues to SEIU. They complained they make less than $10:00 a hour, although some say more. about $13.00. One guard said the Union sucks and they have only received $.25 cents an hour raise in two years. Two guards say they are non-union. I know Titan Security in Chicago is non-union. (The parent company). Also the use of Cameras in this Park is still not resolved. I hope you have a nice “Union Laborer’s Day” and why is Chicago Management getting the Day off? Photo by Patrick McDonough