3rd Grade Children complete School Play

Michael McDonough.jpg
Last night I enjoyed an hour and one half play by 3rd graders. The children danced, sang, and memorized a large volume of material. Remember when our brain worked that well? I am proud of my son Michael and he received an award for most improved in the classroom. I hope more schools demand more from the children. I hope Mayor Daley sobers up and does not expect gambling revenue to help schools, we learned that lesson from Instant Lotto. Instant Lotto is a money maker for Politicians and their family. Stay out of the Gambling Institution and watch your children improve. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Violations Update 2

Chicago Water Department Safety Violations 2.jpg
I want everyone to know, watch out if you see a Chicago Department of Water Management Truck in the rear-view mirror. The gas pedal sticks full open, and the Foreman of the Drivers ordered the driver to continue driving the truck
despite the hazardous situation. Mayor Daley lets get this truck repaired. The driver is using a rope to pull the gas pedal back. Let’s hope the driver does not get a heart attack!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough’s Inspector General-in-charge of the North Quadrant. Patrick McDonough.

McDonough Family looks forward to Department of Water Management Picnic

McDonough Family with Army.jpg
I am looking forward to Chicago’s Air and Water Show again this year. The Chicago Department of Water Management has a nice picnic that my family enjoyed last year. I hope management will allow employees to bring cameras this year. I am donating my professional photography services again this year. I will also ask permission to bring my yacht on the premises. This could allow kids to enjoy the views from the lake. Patrick McDonough.

John Kass Tribune Star Columnist Busted

John Kass.jpg
Today I had the honor of catching John Kass, the superstar columnist of the Chicago Tribune on a secret assignment. I am happy to have used the restroom of El Faro at 3936 West 31st Street and when existing found John Kass ready to make another great story on political dirty work in Chicagoland. We had a quick conversation about the Shakman agreement yesterday and I left. He was writing something on his “blackberry”. My question is, when Daley and the combine are stealing millions downtown, what is Kass doing at the Pulaski and 31st Street rough neighborhood? I bet a great story will be coming soon. If you want honest reports on the “Combine” read John Kass at the Chicago Tribune. I am still waiting for that coffee, Mr. Kass. Photo by Patrick McDonough.