Mayor Lori Lightfoot pussyfoots on workers safety

The Chicago press has started making demands on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to make sure all Chicago City Workers are protected from the virus COVID-19. Chicago Clout was way out in front of this issue.

Mayor Lightfoot did a solid to the Chicago Federation of Labor by making sure her backers keep working. Unions only get paid if their workers are at work. Sooooo, Lori Lightfoot put thousands of lives at stake so she could make millions for the unions.

During this epidemic, you would expect Chicago Unions to forfeit their massive fees to represent city workers. Union know they give a hefty amount to the democratic party and to the candidates that will keep them in power. The politicians know to keep the unions bread buttered or else.

Chicago Unions do not give a damn about their workers and allow them to face people infected with COVID-19 day after day. Even after they are exposed, the Chicago City Management fails to separate workers and completely fail to provide personal protective equipment. The City under Alderman Burke scammed thousands of workers when they got hurt by creating an artificial amount Chicago would settle comp claims for. Alderman Burke got lots of attention when the FOIAs were coming in hot and heavy from Jay Stone and Patrick McDonough. Bye Burke, payback is a bitch. The corrupt workers’ compensation system is still intact at the IWCC, but those arbitrators are safe at home.

A Chicago Cop just died from COVID-19 and recently granted an “on-duty” status to the cop’s claim. (aka workers comp claim). I hope Lori reported this death to the IDOL as an on-duty death per state law. The City only did this because the heat was on due to all the fraud with the various safety department. The Chicago Department of Water Management will have a massive amount of Workers Compensation Lawsuits because they attempted to blame workers for getting the virus at home. Mayor Lori Lightfoot also lied about the amount of COVID-19 exposures at the various city departments.

Chicago is criminally negligent in the way they are putting worker’s lives on the line. I just investigated some of the hires at the DOWM in the safety department, most are political hacks and petition experts for the democratic party. I have been following the DOWM for years and have spoken to the Inspector General and other agencies. They have done nothing to clean up Chicago.

Chicago Department of Water Management know they have no shoring in ditches, skirt every safety law, fight every claim from the Illinois Department of Labor. No PPE for cutting pipe, no masks for breathing. If you are an Attorney suing Chicago on behalf of an injured worker due to COVID-19 contact me. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope Mayor Lori Lightfoot likes this meme, it is all she deserves. Workers are standing in front of a firing line and Lori says, “stay safe”.

Governor J.B. “Flintstone” Pritzker COVID-19 failure

Understanding stupid COVID-19 response in Illinois. Whenever Fred Flintstone got in trouble he would cry for Wilma, his cartoon wife. Fred always did one stupid thing after another. Illinois politicians are doing the same things and blaming the same person, President Donald Trump. Let’s dig in, Illinois elects the stupidest politicians in the country. In the last election cycle, I met many talented people that could help put an end to the many issues facing Illinois and Chicago. I also met some incredibly stupid illiterate people and they won their races. Why? People are stupid.

If you asked almost any person that voted for the winning candidate, they did so because of an organization or union. Sad. Most voted because they were told a certain candidate would trophy their needs.

When the COVID-19 mess started, the press forgot to ask all the State Representatives what they would do. Most State Representatives are Madigan puppets and are told how to vote. Most Reps will not return phone calls and emails.

Illinois is flat broke and when these emergencies happen money is needed. Instead, Illinois is caught flat-footed and the emergency supplies were already looted by corrupt employees. Lori Lightfoot and her open border policy leave Americans without need hospital beds. Medical supplies are misplaced.

Amazing, if you hate President Donald Trump so much, get your house in order. I hope everyone is safe, but many of your loved ones will die. Blaming someone else is a fail.