Governor J.B. “Flintstone” Pritzker COVID-19 failure

Understanding stupid COVID-19 response in Illinois. Whenever Fred Flintstone got in trouble he would cry for Wilma, his cartoon wife. Fred always did one stupid thing after another. Illinois politicians are doing the same things and blaming the same person, President Donald Trump. Let’s dig in, Illinois elects the stupidest politicians in the country. In the last election cycle, I met many talented people that could help put an end to the many issues facing Illinois and Chicago. I also met some incredibly stupid illiterate people and they won their races. Why? People are stupid.

If you asked almost any person that voted for the winning candidate, they did so because of an organization or union. Sad. Most voted because they were told a certain candidate would trophy their needs.

When the COVID-19 mess started, the press forgot to ask all the State Representatives what they would do. Most State Representatives are Madigan puppets and are told how to vote. Most Reps will not return phone calls and emails.

Illinois is flat broke and when these emergencies happen money is needed. Instead, Illinois is caught flat-footed and the emergency supplies were already looted by corrupt employees. Lori Lightfoot and her open border policy leave Americans without need hospital beds. Medical supplies are misplaced.

Amazing, if you hate President Donald Trump so much, get your house in order. I hope everyone is safe, but many of your loved ones will die. Blaming someone else is a fail.

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