Illinois Committee for Honest Government endorses Patrick McDonough

Thank you to Tony Joyce and his staff for the endorsement. We will also miss Randall Sherman that ran the committee for many years. The 48Th Ward might want to take notice these non-political endorsements. The 48Th Ward has been greatly shortchanged by a lack of debates with all the candidates. Some of the building boards have not allowed any candidates except their personal favorites. That is the way it is in the 48Th Ward.

Still no debates in the 48Th Ward, does crybaby Osterman need to ask permission?

Harry Osterman Chicago's 48th Ward HIDING.jpg Many folks in the 48Th Ward want to know why Harry Osterman is scared to debate Patrick McDonough and Philip Bernstein. The Chicago Democratic Party is none the better thanks to Carol Ronen and the insiders that do not want to talk about issues. This is par for the couse in the 48th ward playbook. Man up Harry Osterman and talk about issues. I invited the sneeky boyz at the Edge Water Community Buzz to moderate. Lets see what they do. Did you see all the police on Broadway busting everyone last night? What a change of pace in the 48Th Ward.

The 50Th Ward debates, the 48Th Ward does not!

50Th Ward Debate, the 48Th Ward does not! Tonight the West Rogers Park Community Organization held an Aldermanic debate at Devon Bank in the far north ward. The entire community is involved in the ward Activities. The 50Th ward asked and got answers from all the candidates. Special thanks to Irving Loundy at Devon Bank. This bank donates its large basement for the community. The 48Th Ward only has two candidates willing to debate, Patrick McDonough and Philip Bernstein. Photo by Patrick McDonough