Illinois Committee for Honest Government endorses Patrick McDonough

Thank you to Tony Joyce and his staff for the endorsement. We will also miss Randall Sherman that ran the committee for many years. The 48Th Ward might want to take notice these non-political endorsements. The 48Th Ward has been greatly shortchanged by a lack of debates with all the candidates. Some of the building boards have not allowed any candidates except their personal favorites. That is the way it is in the 48Th Ward.

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  1. 48th ward: Along the Lake, just
    north of the 46th ward and going
    as far north as Granville, Rosemont
    and Devon depending where. Long
    time Ald. Mary Ann Smith is
    stepping down and State Rep. Harry
    Osterman looks like a lock. A longtime
    community and Jewish activist has
    praised Osterman’s involvement with
    the Jewish community and noted that
    the Jewish candidate has shied from
    the Jewish community. Osterman never
    answered our request for an interview
    so in all good conscience, there will be
    no endorsement here.

  2. It seems Osterman had a pretty large war chest. I got 4 full color glossy mailings from him throughout his campaign and his name was plastered everywhere. I didn’t see any campaign information from any of his opponents in the 48th ward with the exception of Bernstein’s web site. Osterman may turn out to be a good alderman but I’m highly suspicious of his legacy. He has machine stamped on his forehead. Anyone remember Carol Ronen? I’m very afraid. (Response) Thank you to you and all the folks in the 48Th Ward. I made made many fast and longtime friends. We will have a show to document the progress in the 48Th Ward. Thanks for being on the Chicago Clout Show. I am asking you to appear again. This election was not about me, I gave every candidate in the ward a shot!

  3. Pat,

    5 out of 6 place for you in the 48th is an upset.

    Now you can start blaming Rahm for all of life’s problems. (Response) You are going to find many things with the Chicago budget that will effect your life very soon. I am not upset by the showing. I knew what I was getting into when I got on the ballot. I accomplished the goals I set out from day one. I helped folks that never would have had a snowballs chance in heck. This was not about me, it was a bout you. Wait and See.

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