Now the Chicago Press need to shut the funk up about Jewish Rahm Emanuel

Many of us know Rahm Emanuel is Jewish, during the campaign the schizoid press was looking for any hint of anti-Jewish sediment. In fact, when Rahm was in his residency challenge at the Board of Elections, one press outlet was attempting to sell me on the idea someone was making anti-Jewish comments. Now the press will not shut up that Rahm is Jewish. Rahm is a Jewish Mayor, etc. Chicago elected Rahm as the next Mayor of Chicago because we do not care Rahm is Jewish. Now it going to get shoved down our throats he is Jewish. Please stop doing that. Good luck Rahm Emanuel, that dumb Catholic Mayor Daley left you a dirty diaper. Patrick McDonoberg.

5 Replies to “Now the Chicago Press need to shut the funk up about Jewish Rahm Emanuel”

  1. You ONLY got 623 votes??? wow that spells loser with a capital L….hahahahaha (Response) I really enjoyed the race. I met lots of old friends and neighbors. I will have a TV show on this with lots of video footage. I worked hard for the City Workers but people are very upset. I feel worse for Phil Bernstein. He did his very best.

  2. Be afraid, be very afraid. Without vigilance, we are easy prey. We have a long tradition of political skulduggery to overcome. Apathy and complacency are aspects of human nature exploited very effectively by the powers that be. This is what Pat is trying to counter.

    If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Well, the city is broke.

  3. You work hard only for yourself and you ego. You spend worktime taking photos and calling the press and IGO on everything. You harrass anyone who tries to hold you accoutable or challanges you by filing FOI and then making up stories about them.

    Then when they react it is when you yell retailiation. That how you make it work Pat.

    Do you want me to list the 50-75 names or more you have done that to since 05? (Response) I do not think you are smart enough. You talk a lot of smack,Jack.

  4. get ready city workers, shortshanks just made a speech about getting rid of non essential city jobs,said the taxpayers cant afford the pensions.a friend of mine on the cfd said they are hearing rumbles of privitizing the ambulance service,we are all fucked! (Response) It is not as bad as you think. It is worse.

  5. Ha, All you no good buttlicks talking shit about pat. Pat has the biggest heart I know. The best guy I know for helping the common worker in this city of clout. For the small percent of people making money by there dishonest ways Pat is here to help you. Unlike your union so stop talking your shit and do something to change the clout in this great city.

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