City Workers: Proceed with caution, Victor Crown tax rebates

Victor Crown is asking for four years of tax returns from Chicago City Workers. The City workers are lining up in the 4600 block of North Francisco. I strongly urge all city workers to be careful and make sure you review any changes to your taxes with your tax preparation specialist. Victor has been telling folks he is a special appointee of the Federal Courts for many years. Victor Crown is not a lawyer or a CPA. Make sure anyone that prepares your tax form to sign the paperwork. Proceed with caution. I will look into this myself and report back. Patrick McDonough.

Note to: Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Chicago Residency Law

Dear Mr. Inspector General, during your residency investigations, please make darn sure you know the employee's intent before you accuse a person of not being a resident of the City of Chicago. The alleged residency violations your office made were based on a lack of physical presence at a Chicago residence. Simply put, if your investigators did not see the employee on the days you said investigators were present, that employee was suggested for termination. I hope you understand, when you make these accusations, you financially destroy a person's life. Many employees just retired or quit rather than face the uphill fight. I know the 'intent" will be hard to prove, but when laws are changed for the privilege and clouted, some unintended consequences might occur. It is time to get a lawyer to challenge the residency laws in Chicago. Enough lives have been destroyed by this unmoral law. The workers need to "unite in flight". Patrick McDonough (to ex-governor Thompson on the Roe Cohn show today, shut the f-up. Worry about Ryan dumb azz)