Note to: Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Chicago Residency Law

Dear Mr. Inspector General, during your residency investigations, please make darn sure you know the employee's intent before you accuse a person of not being a resident of the City of Chicago. The alleged residency violations your office made were based on a lack of physical presence at a Chicago residence. Simply put, if your investigators did not see the employee on the days you said investigators were present, that employee was suggested for termination. I hope you understand, when you make these accusations, you financially destroy a person's life. Many employees just retired or quit rather than face the uphill fight. I know the 'intent" will be hard to prove, but when laws are changed for the privilege and clouted, some unintended consequences might occur. It is time to get a lawyer to challenge the residency laws in Chicago. Enough lives have been destroyed by this unmoral law. The workers need to "unite in flight". Patrick McDonough (to ex-governor Thompson on the Roe Cohn show today, shut the f-up. Worry about Ryan dumb azz)

4 Replies to “Note to: Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Chicago Residency Law”

  1. Thank you Illinois Supreme Court for setting precedent with your definition of residency for election purposes. Definition of residency for political service can easily be argued to apply to municipal service. Maybe in their rush to rahm they opened a can of worms for chicago. Residency requirements still have to be met, but the definition of residency has been pried WIDE OPEN.

  2. Wow Pat 4 post in one day. I guess the fact you wont be able to pull you crap under a Mayor Rahm has you so uptight.

    Might have to work instead of spending part of yuo work time taking photos of yourself working or taking photos of others (Response) I do not work on friday you dumb azz. When you assume you make an azz out of yourself.

  3. Pat, you are assumming. You put up for post after Rahm was back on the ballot..Gee not happy. Perhaps you and the reject of the objectors who feel more at home on the Jerry Springer shows as somw of hem look like his rejects.

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