Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson (Hansen)? Retired from Department of Water Management

After about 23 years of getting serviced, Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson made an exit from the Department of Water Management. Friday September 15, 2017. After a couple of decades of keeping thing well lubed at work, Luci was sent packing. (allowed to retire) Chicago Clout has been after Luci Pope for over a decade. On the outside, Luci made a nice presentation, but on the inside, was a ruthless calculating sneak. Luci should have been indicted for shakman violations. If you were in a relationship with Luci, promotions and a nice high paying job was in order. It was so obvious, many complaints to Joe Ferguson forced the cray cray Inspector General to publish he was doing nothing about the alleged improprieties. You might ask, why did Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson (Hansen) move up the ladder so quick? Did she really do a bang-up job? What did she do all day? Luci was a Donald Tomczak old school operative.
Many Chicago City workers were disciplined, harassed, and retaliated against. Luci looked the other way when Paul Hansen and the other school boys at the Water Department ran wild. Luci made sure her posse was never disciplined. And talk about money and business opportunities?
Gary Litherland, the City of Chicago FOIA officer, knew how to drag on FOIA requests that resulted in the slow removal of vermin at the water department. Several lawsuits and the constant banging by Chicago Clout attracted too much attention, the stink was getting foul.
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Time for Luci to go. Thank God.

The new management at the department is making strides providing leadership the Department of Water Management needs. My compliments. The Chicago Water Department is cleaning up its act slowly, but surely. The personal in the North district is recharged and getting work done in a proper manner. The poison left by Paul Hansen will not go away soon, but improvement is abound. All discipline and promotions must be reviewed. Cheating people out of promotions after decades of service must be corrected. Remember several lawsuits will make you honest.
We at Chicago Clout will continue to watch and expose. Many more people that watched Paul Hansen destroy moral at the North District will soon be joining him. More going away parties. See you in court!!

Chicago Water Commissioner Resigns Amid Email Probe: Reports

Chicago Water Commissioner Barrett Murphy abruptly resigned on Friday afternoon, and details have begun to emerge over what caused his sudden departure.
According to reports from the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Murphy resigned at the request of Mayor Rahm Emanuel after he became aware of an inspector general investigation into alleged racist and sexist emails sent by the former commissioner.
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“We were made aware of an IG investigation into the culture at the water department,” Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins told the Tribune. “The mayor acted quickly and decisively, asking for the commissioner’s resignation and appointing a new commissioner to lead the department forward and change the department’s culture.”
Murphy will be replaced by Randy Conner in the role of water commissioner, according to reports. The investigation into the emails centers around Murphy’s failure to discipline employees that were sending the allegedly racist and sexist emails, and the IG investigation has been going on for eight months, according to the Tribune.
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“I want to thank Barrett Murphy for his many years of public service, and I wish him well in the future,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Randy Conner’s extensive track record of experience strengthening City infrastructure and improving City services for residents will allow him to hit the ground running at the Department of Water Management.”
Murphy is just the latest in a run of high-profile officials to leave the water department this week. William Bresnahan, the agency’s deputy commissioner, also resigned, as did Paul Hansen, a district superintendent of water distribution.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Chicago River Dye secret exposed Uranine

Uranine Powder Dye the Chicago River Green.jpg Many people want to know how the City of Chicago and Plumber’s Local 130 dye the Chicago River Green. The newspapers call the mixture “Irish Fairy Dust”. I suppose that is not good news reporting. The Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day parade is a great parade and I have marched in everyone my entire life until I got hurt. Many of the guys that place the powder in the water have ended up with awesome jobs with the city. The secret powder is Uranine. Please see the picture of this powder. Uranine is also called “Irish Fairy Dust”. Most versions of this powder is about as safe as the Lead water pipes serving most of Chicago safe drinking water. The City Water Department supplied the powder with taxpayer money since the beginning of the tradition. I do not want this powder placed in the water any longer. But that is me. Remember, St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago is to celebrate the accomplishments of the Irish. It should not be a day to shame his name with excessive drinking. Happy St Patrick’s Day and God Bless all my Chicago Friends.

Chicago Clout Suggests new Uniforms for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors

Chicago Clout Water Cops Final .jpgProgress is being made on required uniforms for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. I think this is a great idea. My credit to the new Commissioner at the Department of Water Management. I also think these guys should wear badges when they shake contractors down for money. The badges were taken back a while ago. I hope you like my suggestions for these Plumbing Inspectors. I also hope the OIG realizes many employees are made security guards when they cannot perform their duties anymore. When will the IG get their ass down to the water department and find out which guys are not able to climb stairs and inspect plumbing? Separate rules for the clout heavy as usual. Let’s get David Hoffman back at the Office of the Inspector General in Chicago now. Photo retouched by Patrick McDonough.

Fran Spielman finds Water Department Truck stolen from Night Crew

Chicago WATER Investigator Truck/ Chicago Clout Please read article from Chicago Sun-Times Fran Spielman. Fran Spielman gets her own truck now… GPS tracks city truck taken on a joyride
Vehicle swiped while Water Management crew on fast-food run
September 15, 2010
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Mayor Daley has installed GPS tracking systems in city vehicles to improve employee accountability and speed deployment of limited resources.
Little did he know one of the devices would be used to track down a stolen city truck taken for a joy ride.
A night investigator for the city’s Department of Water Management is in hot water after his truck was stolen early Saturday morning from the parking lot of a Burrito King on the Far Northwest Side.
The investigator and several members of his crew had apparently stopped for tacos, even though they are paid to work eight hours straight.
Thanks to GPS, the truck was recovered a few hours later at the Renaissance Apartments on River Road.
“Some time around 3 a.m. Saturday, we had a crew on the North Side having lunch. Apparently a truck was taken and driven for an hour or so,” said Water Management spokesman Tom LaPorte.
“It was recovered using GPS and found out in the O’Hare area. There was nothing altered on the truck. There was no theft. We have the truck back, and the driver is facing disciplinary action.”
LaPorte acknowledged that the crew was supposed to be working eight hours straight and was not authorized to stop for food.
The GPS system was activated by the so-called “leak desk” at the Jardine Water Filtration Plant.
Leak desk employees, assigned to answering phones and prioritizing repair requests, were at the center of a 2005 payroll scam.
Those accused of falsifying attendance records over a two-month period by swiping each other in and out included the brother-in-law of County Commissioner John Daley, the mayor’s brother.
The assignment has long been dominated by 11th Ward loyalists. The Department of Water Management was at the center of the Hired Truck scandal, which branched out into city hiring. Photo by Patrick mcDonough