Mayor Daley and Walmart pay poor Chicago Folks to march in downtown Chicago.

Future Chicago Walmart Employees 1.jpg Thanks to Mayor Daley’s wild spending and Chicago’s massive debt, Daley sold out to Walmart. Many poor black folks were paid to march downtown Chicago today. This helped many white folks feel very guilty. The marchers got a clean white shirt and a loose promise to make just over minimum slave wage for a bunch of white multi-billionaires. Mayor Daley and the alderman did not make a single penny off this deal. (Joking) According to published reports, Mayor Daley got the wheels in motion because he really cares about his black servants. The black reverends served up the brothers for very little money. One black guy told me this is going to change his life working for Walmart. He told me he is going to buy a Caddy or a Lexus. I wonder what year? Chicago is going down the toilet faster than I thought. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley buys Korean, Chicago workers starve and take furlough days.

Doosan made in korea Daley.jpgLast week, City of Chicago Operating Engineers Local 150 fired up their Doosan Front end Loader. Some call this work of beauty a Wheeled Loader. Mayor Daley made damn sure his part time engineers, subject to multiple unpaid days and furlough days have the best brand new equipment made in Korea. “It makes a lot of sense”, said a couple of former gay pride parade event organizers that are some of the best political operating engineers at the City. “This is a political job and you need to trust Mayor Daley knows what is best for Chicago”, said one big handsome operating engineer. Another said, “I enjoy the time off to try out my thong at the beach”. Many Chicago City workers and taxpayers are furious Daley did not give the work to a company located in America. Some unemployed taxpayers have no food on the table and think Obama is selling out the country. I am quite certain Daley and Obama will watch Americans starve and suffer while these goons make deals that are destroying our country. Americans are out of work and can not pay Daley’s property taxes, Daley buys Korean heavy equipment, who sold out America again Richy?

Welcome 2010, last year, 2009 was not good for Chicago!

2009 was not a good vintage for the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago is in turmoil and things might get much worse. On this website, I blame Mayor Daley for many of Chicago's troubles. I will ask many of you to take a good long look at yourself and then decide who the real culprit is. Chicago could be considered a small country by many standards. Too much control has been given to too few, and the results have been disastrous. We need new leadership in Chicagoland. Chicago Clout will continue to help as many as possible, we will work much smarter in 2010. Please run for office if you have solutions, we will give a voice to anyone willing to step forward. The candidate's opinions are different than mine; the city workers voices are different than mine. We have had many high profile candidates and elected officials over the years on our public access show and internet. Please make sure you call Chicago Media outlets his year and tell them your story. Be organized and brief. Remember, if your story is not heard right away, it might be heard later. Everyone is needed to fix our City and our country, but you need to challenge those that use elected positions to reap a financial harvest and pilfer for personal gain. Time to work anew, Patrick McDonough.