(AP) Chicago Water Commissioner Resigns Amid Probe Into Emails

Paul Hansen City of Chicago 2.jpg
CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago’s water department commission has resigned in the wake of reports he was under investigation into alleged racist and sexist email messages.

A spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday cited the probe by the city’s inspector general for the departure of Barrett Murphy.

Adam Collins says Emanuel “acted quickly and decisively” in asking for Murphy’s resignation after learning of the probe into the water department’s culture.

A mid-level Water Department manager, Paul Hansen, has also resigned. Agency spokesman Gary Litherland says he did not know the reason for Hansen’s departure.

Randy Connor, who had been at the Chicago Department of Transportation, will replace Murphy, who rose to the $170,000 a year post last year.

Chicago Journeyman's Local 130 rocked by a new slate tonight

plumbers local 130 pic chicago.jpg Much of the union political passage of power has been done behind closed doors for decades. Plumber’s Local 130 had a tradition of fine leadership; the members were last well served by Gerald M. Sullivan, a true powerhouse and man of distinction. Gerald was seceded by James Sullivan, a sneaky weasel if ever there was one. Many of the membership challenged Jim’s leadership, and then just walked away. I have never seen a greater amount of union trained member’s working for non-union companies until now. To stop this destruction of the union, age barred James Sullivan from further damage. Many union members were expecting business as usual with the anointing of Jim Coyne as Business Manager. If Jim was not challenged, the same ways of doing business at 1400 West Washington might continue. I met with the Integrity Team that is issuing an election against Tim Coyne. I really think this is more of a kick in the ass of the status quo, than an actual anti-Coyne sediment. Plumbers are very pissed off in Chicago. James allowed many unqualified folks to join the union, his school prepped unqualified candidates for the Plumber’s Exam. This lead to the termination of Dean Slawek, a former Chicago Water Department ditch digger. I also contacted Rahm Emanuel’s camp at City Hall, they assured me they are willing to work with the new management team assembled by Chicago Inspector John Swietczak. This is a great opportunity for Plumber’s Local 130 to change direction and get thing right for the membership. I confess I have never seen the members of Local 130 so agitated in front of the union hall tonight. The insider’s click better open their eyes and listen to the issues or they will be left with nothing. I also met some old friends I knew when I was a member, they are voicing the same issues I have but refuse to stop the insanity.
The two leaders and officers of both parties are going to face off May 24, 2012 at Can-Tv in Chicago live. I have invited members of the press and two Aldermen to attend and ask questions. Remember, if you do not show up, I will have a replacement for you. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Thomas F. Roeser's wife Lillian Roeser keeps the faith!

Lillian Roeser wife of Thomas F. Roeser I took this picture of Lillian Roeser on May 1, 2011 when I was invited to the Tom Roeser Radio Show on WLS Am 890. Tom phoned me as I was in conference with Park Ridge Attorney Russ Stewart. We all said our hello and I agreed to be on the show. When I was on the show, I asked Tom Roeser if he would be on Chicago Clout and he agreed… he then said he was not sure. I did not read into it. I really liked Tom and his wife Lillian, they went everywhere together. I spoke with Lillian yesterday at the wake. Lillian is going to allow me to release some great video and pictures Tom at his radio show. I just need some time to make sure everything is “just right”. Thank you for everything Roeser Family! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.

Another day goes by and the Chicago Office of the Inspector General is shortchanged by the Daley mob clan. I reported a long time ago, the Commissioners of Daley's Administration have the power to stop an investigation by the OIG. Simply put, if the OIG busts another one of Daley's rats getting a promotion, stealing, and acting illegally, the investigation is shut down. I cannot tell you how many reports we made to clean up city hall and nothing was done. The FEDS have allowed Daley and his goons to keep ripping off the public. Despite the fact the OIG insists employees report corruption, employees are finding out the Office of the Inspector General is a front. I am already on the record demanding the complete independence of the OIG, period. I personally saw confidential OIG reports on the desktops of Water Department employees. By why waste taxpayer's money investigating when the fix is in? It only invites retaliation. All of us at the Municipal Advocate General are working to improve the working conditions of city employees and taxpayers. Get involved in this election soon, Chicago is in dire straits, thanks to Daley and his crooked friends. Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.”

City of Chicago Truck Drivers and 726 Members return back to duty

Almost all the laid off workers from the City of Chicago Motor Truck Drivers are back on duty. Next Monday should put the last stragglers back on Mayor Daley's payroll. Ever have the feeling an election is on the way? A lawsuit filed by Attorney Russ Stewart on behalf of these hard workers is inching along in court. I am proud of all the work I did to help this happen. It took hundreds of phone calls and meetings. I am still waiting for my honorary Local 726 hat. More lawsuits and grievances slated for Daley. Time to clean up the way Daley runs Chicago. This was kept quiet,eh? Patrick McDonough

David Hoffman supporters at the American Bankers Association Protest

David Hoffman supporters at ABA protest.jpg October 27, 2009, Chicago, llinois. Today was a long day again to document the corruption by American Bankers against the American people in Chicago. I have said this day would come for years, people were spending money like tomorrow would never show up. Americans are getting scam fees and high interest on things they purchased. Some people did not care because they would take another loan, pay their credit card balances, and then start spending again. The proliferation of gambling and bad habits is coming to roost. The banking system is the check and balance to save us from ourselves. The banking system decided to cash in and allow people to have access to money they could not pay back. The bankers were bailed out, they are profiting again, and Americans are tossed out of their homes. There is a crisis in America, no jobs, no money, and no future. This is a major issue and many people are suffering. Many of the factory jobs are gone, they will not return. Americans like the easy money, the politicians are corrupt, and China might take over as the new world leader. Chicago is in the center of the upheaval because it is so corrupt; the cancer spreads to the entire nation. Obama will not put Mayor Daley in check, and we will have a thousand plagues. I am asking every single American to take a very serious second look before you cast a vote again, watch your polling stations, demand better Government. Mayor Daley is selling every asset he can get away with, stop this now. Government has a special purpose, to protect us from ourselves.
There are some politicians that might make a difference maybe wake us up and send us back in the direction we need. The Chicago Unions need to get back to basics and remember to protect the workers, to apply pressure strong and steady, enforce the rule of law. The judges that pay a dollar per signature are part of the problem. We need to take the politics out of the judicial system. Please enjoy these pictures of the protest in Chicago, the people are hungry and want answers, not temporary solutions. It is both parties responsible for making the bad decisions.
I was happy to see David Hoffman supporters at the rally; I wish David Hoffman could have put a word or two to the crowd. I am happy to see people like David Hoffman run for U.S. Senate, and step forward when the country needs to change direction. We have a complex TV show that might put you to sleep, but it will explain what happened to us in the last few years. America needs to realize we need elbow grease and dirty fingernails to fix our mess. Photos by Patrick McDonough. God bless all the people that care enough about our country to protest.