Marty Moylan for Des Plaines City Mayor? Union and Mob Ties?

Marty Moylan Des Plaines.jpg Marty Moylan is running for Des Plaines City Mayor. Powerful Union money is backing this Union Electrical enforcer for Chicago Electrical Local 134. Many times Union Local 134 Representatives such as Marty Moylan need to deal with Chicago City Hall to get their workers out of jams. Mayor Daley relies on Local 134 for political work and the Hispanic Democratic Organization to enforce his agenda. Marty Moylan has been a Alderman in Des Plaines for about the last year and one/half. I like Marty; he is a friendly sort of fellow that will tell you anything to get elected. His son has been to Wisconsin skiing on my boat with my daughter’s best friends. His son is a nice young man with great manners. He was lucky enough to get into the Electrical Union apprentice program. Marty was also an Electrical Inspector in Des Plaines which is a different Union and a second pension. Marty can be thankful to Union workers and the lives they lost to make his life better. I do not know how Marty will be a full time Mayor and Union Business Representative at the same time. I hope he does not double dip again. Many union electricians are out of work in Chicago and Des Plaines so I am sure Marty can fire Des Plaines workers and hire union electricians at $43.00 dollars instead. Marty is having a big fundraiser at a swank restaurant in Des Plaines soon. I am going to video tape the cars coming in for my outfit records. I heard many people interested in the Casino and the cash generated will attend. Marty has been a scab buster for a long time but is hooking up with a family known for dirty politics and non-union construction. Marty Moylan will need to overcome the rumors of a scheme to solicit money for the Unified Social Club that was in Federal Court. No. 99 c 0400 when I was an apprentice in the old days many Unions had Social Clubs that provided sex for the members in the bathroom by prostitutes. The Plumbers has a “Pleasure Club”, thanks to AIDs most of this has stopped or been reduced greatly. I am not saying union brother Marty had any part of this. I just hope Marty Moylan is aware people with anti-union sediments and political backgrounds are misusing our Union money for Republican Party agendas. Remember Gary Skoien a Republican politician from Illinois? I called for Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Federation of Labor and spoke to his secretary, I hope to hear back soon. Marty should never sell out his Union or the Democrat Party no matter what. I do not want Des Plaines turned into Cicero Dirty Politics. I also hope and pray Marty Moylan is more forward on the alleged addenda of the former 6th Ward Alderman and the Casino deals. DO NOT TURN DES PLAINES INTO CICERO. . Marty stop talking about Jobs and Casinos. Next I cover Park Ridge Politics