Marty Moylan for Des Plaines City Mayor? Union and Mob Ties?

Marty Moylan Des Plaines.jpg Marty Moylan is running for Des Plaines City Mayor. Powerful Union money is backing this Union Electrical enforcer for Chicago Electrical Local 134. Many times Union Local 134 Representatives such as Marty Moylan need to deal with Chicago City Hall to get their workers out of jams. Mayor Daley relies on Local 134 for political work and the Hispanic Democratic Organization to enforce his agenda. Marty Moylan has been a Alderman in Des Plaines for about the last year and one/half. I like Marty; he is a friendly sort of fellow that will tell you anything to get elected. His son has been to Wisconsin skiing on my boat with my daughter’s best friends. His son is a nice young man with great manners. He was lucky enough to get into the Electrical Union apprentice program. Marty was also an Electrical Inspector in Des Plaines which is a different Union and a second pension. Marty can be thankful to Union workers and the lives they lost to make his life better. I do not know how Marty will be a full time Mayor and Union Business Representative at the same time. I hope he does not double dip again. Many union electricians are out of work in Chicago and Des Plaines so I am sure Marty can fire Des Plaines workers and hire union electricians at $43.00 dollars instead. Marty is having a big fundraiser at a swank restaurant in Des Plaines soon. I am going to video tape the cars coming in for my outfit records. I heard many people interested in the Casino and the cash generated will attend. Marty has been a scab buster for a long time but is hooking up with a family known for dirty politics and non-union construction. Marty Moylan will need to overcome the rumors of a scheme to solicit money for the Unified Social Club that was in Federal Court. No. 99 c 0400 when I was an apprentice in the old days many Unions had Social Clubs that provided sex for the members in the bathroom by prostitutes. The Plumbers has a “Pleasure Club”, thanks to AIDs most of this has stopped or been reduced greatly. I am not saying union brother Marty had any part of this. I just hope Marty Moylan is aware people with anti-union sediments and political backgrounds are misusing our Union money for Republican Party agendas. Remember Gary Skoien a Republican politician from Illinois? I called for Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Federation of Labor and spoke to his secretary, I hope to hear back soon. Marty should never sell out his Union or the Democrat Party no matter what. I do not want Des Plaines turned into Cicero Dirty Politics. I also hope and pray Marty Moylan is more forward on the alleged addenda of the former 6th Ward Alderman and the Casino deals. DO NOT TURN DES PLAINES INTO CICERO. . Marty stop talking about Jobs and Casinos. Next I cover Park Ridge Politics

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  1. How true you are about this guy, I went out
    him when he was married. He’s out for himself and no one else, bad all over. Mayor, are you kidding?
    (Response) This is a family website!

  2. You just touched on his corrupt behavior. Where are the feds when you need them.

  3. Al Sanchez is a criminal and all around horrible human being for many reasons beyond what came up at trial or the charges or convictions.

    Al Sanchez has an interesting history since he brought money to the El Rukn street gang with than State Rep Larry Bullock at the behest of his then master Ed Vrdolyak–the money for the El Rukns was for them to support Jane Byrne in 1983–the El Rukns (former Black P Stone Nation) including the Apache Rangers took the money and supported Harold Washington.

    Al Sanchez ran on the Solidarity ticket with Ed Vrdolyak against Harold Washington in 1987 (I can’t remember if it was for City Clerk or City Treasurer) and than became a Republican. Sanchez remained a Republican and Vrdolyak aligned for only a short period of time because he quickly went with Mayor Richard M. Daley in time for his 1989 mayoral victory through a deal for jobs brokered by Gilbert “Chiefy” Delgado aka “Thiefy” (a long criminal record–and known as a theif) and Mayoral Boss Tim Degnan.

    A brief digression here–Gilbert “Chiefy” Delgado aka Thiefy’s brother Dominic Delgado had Delgado erection and got lots of political affirmative action contracts through Victor Reyes but also since the days of Vrdolyak being in charge. An investigation just into the Delgado contracts would reveal a lot.
    Senator Tim Degnan from Bridgeport was known as a degenerate gambler and was into the outfit for 90G back in the late 70s and early 80s. Degnan had an outfit bookie and a major gambling problem. Degnan is involved with Roti relative Tommy DiPiazza aka Tommy D on the Brideport Village deal. Degnan along with Freddie Barbara (identified in Family Secrets Frank Calabrese trial as a made member of LCN and committed violent acts including arson in an Elmwood Park restaurant and extortion), Al Sanchez and Victor Reyes have a very kinky deal going with ALLIED WASTE–so don’t worry about Statute of Limitations or that Reyes or Degnan are out of government.

    Degnan is the power behind the thrown and the shadow mayor along with Jeremiah “Jerry” Joyce.
    HDO was created by Degnan and used by Degnan and Joyce and is about as far from “Latino empowerment” as you get.

    Al Sanchez is a unique scumbag insofar as he is an alcholic (well documented in arrests, car accidents and plenty of eye witnesses), cocaine addict (he hooked his wife and she died–the story of his wife’s death is a story in and of itself), drunk driver, violent, bad drunk, power drunk, power hungry, mean, loud mouthed, vindicitve, low class individual.

    Just google or Lexis some old news articles about Al Sanchez crashing his car and a shadow car leaving the scene where he was not the driver (city car) or getting pulled over and accusing the cop of racism on the tollway and saying “do you know who I am” or bar fights, car crashes, drunk driving pull overs that disappeared–read the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Daily Southtown–or talk to cops willing to talk. Al Sanchez and most of the HDO guys were pigs.
    Aaron DelValle was the guy who went drunk with a gun to the towing pound after a political event with State rep and cop Eddie Acevedo and threatened the workers and tried to get their car out of the tow, punched a cop and sued the city for abuse and got thrown out of court.

    Real scumbags.

    Al Sanchez got plenty of drug dealers jobs like Gil Valadez (allegedly just lost his CTA job and previously lost his city job for not revealing he was a convicted felon–he smoked a crack rock on CTA time)
    Gil Valadez was not only a drug dealer but also an informant.
    GILBERT VALADEZ federal felony convict in federal penitentary and rat.

    Larry “the Beaver” Diaz is another story and more on that later.

    Also Ray Gamboas youthful indiscretions are interesting.

    The gang ties are interesting.

    Friends of Al’s wife Tina want to know if he knew about Flo or Maria Nino (who became the bigshot at Personnel and was involved in taking out Ray Frias in 2003)

    Al Sanchez would raise money on city time (just ask Marshall Villanueva). Thiefy Delgado would extort money on his birthday and always want cash in a mean thuggy way. Al Sanchez knew about money for jobs, sex for jobs, bribes, extortion, misuse of city services, drug dealing, drug use, gang affiliations, beating people up, adultery, picking up garbage for favored private businesses, plowing snow for favored restaurants.
    Al Sanchez is proud of the job he did at Streets and Sans but garbage is terrible in many parts of a very dirty city (not just the front of downtown and Lincoln Park) Al Sanchez ruined the Blue Bag recycling program.
    Al Sanchez increased taxpayers property taxes as well as fees with questionable and corrupt towing practices, recycling, and Hired Trucks.
    Al Sanchez dealt intimately with Angelo Torres the former gang banger of Hired Trucks fame.
    Al Sanchez also dealt with HDO member and donor to HDO and former 2-6 gang banger Tony Munoz–George Prado and his heroin dealing ring.
    Al Sanchez hired Roberto “Bobby Bull” Aguilar who served 80% of a 5 year Federal drug charge and former drug dealer.

  4. Originally posted: March 24, 2009

    Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos at 11:20 a.m.

    Mayor Richard Daley today expressed regret for the hiring fraud scandal in his administration.

    A day after a federal jury convicted his former Streets and Sanitation commissioner of corruption charges, the mayor read a statement at a news conference.

    “I want to say to the people of Chicago that I understand this is a disappointment,” Daley said.

    He said he knew the conviction does not reflect well on the city or his administration.

    “For that, I am sorry,” Daley said.

    The former commissioner, Al Sanchez, was found guilty of rigging hiring in favor of members of the Hispanic Democratic Organization, a pro-Daley patronage army created with the encouragement of top Daley political strategists.

    While expressing confidence that the city is “doing a better job of preventing this type of thing,” Daley said he wanted to reassure the public that further reforms would be made if necessary.

    “We must have a hiring system that people have confidence in and that treats people fairly,” he said. “I understand that.”

    But Daley rebutted the most recent report from a court-appointed monitor who said hiring problems persist in his administration.

    “There’s been progress,” Daley said. “There’s been progress all over.”

    Daley declined to answer questions about whether he was aware of the corruption.
    “It happened under my administration and that’s it,” he replied.

    He also dodged a question about testimony in the trial that linked his brother William Daley and former top aide Timothy Degnan to the creation of HDO.

    “This is a statement that speaks for itself,” he said, chiding any reporters who might describe him as “mad or upset” with the questions.

    He then abruptly cut off the news conference.

    “You can do with his not answering your questions whatever you will,” mayoral spokeswoman Jacquelyn Heard said after the mayor left the podium.

  5. Marty Moylan has been an effective Business Representative in my union, IBEW Local # 134 for years. He’s very knowledgeable about the trade and has a keen inquisitive intellect.

    As a pioneer and advocate for women in my trade, I’ve known Marty Moylan for a number of years and my impression of him has always been positive. He’s listened to issues of concern regarding sister members and offered me help personally on a couple of occasions to resolve jobsite issues.

    There are men in my industry that I consider overtly and clandestinely hostile to the interests of women. Marty Moylan is definitely not one of them. He has never been brutish, intimidating, condescending, dismissive, patronizing, unprofessional or unkind toward me at any time. My only regret is that there aren’t more men like him working in the craft.

    Pat, there are two viable political factions within Local # 134. The “Unified” name was changed to “Solidarity” a few years ago. The other faction is called the progress party or Oracles.

    For the past 25 years, the Oracles were in power once for a three year period in the early 1990’s. In my opinion, they were not friendly to the interests of electrical mechanics, or other municipal trades workers employed by the City of Chicago.

    (Response) Since this came from you, I will print this. Are you mad that marty is using YOUR union money, you worked for, to assist non-union contractors get into office? Marty acted two faced in the Des Plaines Mayoral election, he should stay out of races in other offices. Marty made a mistake. He has a conflict of interest and is setting up deals. Marty needs to adress this or the heat will be turned up. Marty took an oath when he became a UNION MEMBER! Enough is Enough! The fact Marty Moylan is working at the O’Hare Airport means he is protecting Airport expansion and not Des Plaines best interest.

  6. So Pat who are you going t vote for in that race? Are you not a registered vote in Des Plaines? at 1920 Everett?
    (Response) I cover all races when they interest me. You need to vote in the ward where you are a registered voter and where you declare your actual residency to be. So based on that answer, I am going to vote where my answer applies. Thanks.

  7. To claim unsuccessfully for years that you were discriminated based on Race and other protected class to the EEOC and in lawsuits only to have them rejected over promotions etc? Then use those same issues( promotions) but now clain it was because of politics and then get $50,000 of tax payer money? Hello Feds???
    (Response) What is the hell are you talking about? I never filed EEOC. I assisted other people file EEOC when that was the appropriate remedy.

  8. If Marty Moylan is using union funds and/or his position to generate business for non-union contractors, then I’d agree that he has a major conflict of interest insofar as his employment as a Business Agent with the Local is concerned.

    The group within the Local that Marty is aligned with does include members who have significant political clout with locally elected democrat (and some Republican) officials.

  9. Moylan for Des Plaines mayor
    Daily Herald Correspondent
    Published: 3/21/2009 12:04 AM
    Des Plaines’ next mayor will face major challenges dealing with falling tax receipts due to the economy even as voters have rising expectations due to a financial windfall that’s still several years away with the opening of a casino. And due to term limits, the holders of six of the city’s 10 elected offices will be new.

    While each of the four candidates bring different strengths to the job, none clearly displays all the talents of personality, political skill, public spiritedness and institutional knowledge likely to be called upon in a difficult time.

    We’re endorsing Martin J. Moylan over Michael Lake, Dick Sayad and Mark Thompson as offering the best balance of those traits.

    Moylan, in his positions in budget discussions last fall, showed the ability to make tough cuts, even though union jobs were lost and he’s a business agent for the electrical workers union. And his campaign has reached out aggressively to the city’s ethnic communities.

    While we have concerns about the amount of money he is spending on the race, it isn’t out of line with what has been spent on past contests.

    If elected, Moylan will need to show that he isn’t overly beholden to contributors as he addresses the city’s pressing flooding issues and continues to cut the cost of service delivery.

    Our choices for city council:

    • 1st Ward: Our choice is Patricia Haugeberg, a former 10-year member of the Des Plaines Park District board. Haugeberg will be a voice for downtown condo dwellers, as she lives in the building on Mill Street. She never missed a park board meeting despite frequently traveling for business. Her fellow candidates in the crowded field for 1st Ward are Eugene Fregetto, Michael Bausone and Peter Tatera.

    • 3rd Ward: If his campaign is any indication, Matt Bogusz is aggressive, hardworking – and occasionally abrasive. We’d like to see what he can do on the city council. His civic pedigree is strong: the library board; Crime Stoppers and the special events commission. As a bonus, his former employer is state Rep. Elaine Nekritz. Also running for 3rd Ward is respected former alderman Wayne Elstner, and longtime resident Michael Kochevar.

    • 5th Ward: Jim Brookman, husband of retiring alderwoman Carla Brookman, is smart and able, and would no doubt put much time and effort into the council. But we believe the city deserves a break from the strident polarization that marked Carla Brookman’s term. For that reason we are endorsing Dan Winiecki, a 21-year Des Plaines resident who has been involved with youth sports and the Maine West athletic boosters.

    • 7th Ward: Dan Wilson and former Police Chief Joe Kozenczak are both qualified, knowledgeable, accessible to residents – and share many of the same views. We give a slight edge to Wilson, only because Kozenczak’s wife, Karen, works for the city manager and we’d rather not have two members of the one family in the administration. But really, it’s a tossup.

  10. Pat: It is Right probably meant the comments for me as the monetary figure was close to what I was awarded in Shakman. First if he can’t figure out that I’m white (blue eyed blonde), then he isn’t too bright. Secondly my charges to the EEOC were disclosed in my Shakman filing. When you get passed over by males who are connected, the reason could be gender, politics or both. Third he sounds like the kind of guy who talks about me in back room with Echo, Golf and their assorted chia pets.

  11. maybe because you were not the best canidate?

    So did you ever prevail in your EEOC or lawsuits? Why not? Maybe because the city could defend itsself. However now with the Shakman Monitor, she did not look at any court or other records and just handed out $$$. Thats why. It a scam.

  12. Mr. Moylan,
    I have not had the chance to meet you. Although my
    husband and son have met you during their tour of Des Plaines. We love our town and are proud to live here. But now something very disturbing is happening. Our own library will be closing their doors
    down in December if they don’t recieve a loan. This is where my kids have spent so much of their time reading,researching books for school.They were saddened by the news as well. During our meeting at Brentwood School last night this subject was brought up. There was silence and then disbelief.
    Children,adults,and teens utilize this facility. I speak for all Please help support our Des Plaines Library….
    (Response) Marty is a smartypants.

  13. You can say what you will, but the mayor is a great man of God who has the best intentions of the city at heart. I know that he bathes important decisions in prayer and that with him it is not just the same ol’ political lip service as usual.

    That all said, is he perfect? Are you? (I’m not) How about spending more time in prayer that Mr. Moylan is open and sensitive to guidance and makes the right decisions for Des Plaines as a whole.

    Prayer gets more done than the strife brewing that most here are engaged in anyway.

    God bless you all. God bless Des Plaines, God bless America… and have mercy on our morally bankrupt society.

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