Bruce Randazzo exposes City of Chicago and Alderman Burke on Chicago Clout

The City of Chicago is killing Chicago City Workers that come into contact with air-borne mists. These airborne dusts include limestone, asbestos, dusts. They are a threat to the entire community which includes the Chicago 45th ward. Ten years ago, Patrick McDonough, the whistleblower of Hired Truck Scandal, warded the entire neighborhood of this hostile dust clouds. This dusts can cause, Sore throat, blueish skin, coughing, sore throat, fever, chest pain, loss of appetite, and tiredness. It can also cause death. Please wear a mask when you are around 4900 West Sunnyside in the Chicago Northwest side.

City of Chicago Department of Water Racism Steve Collier

Jay Stone at the U.I.C. Mayoral Debate December 1, 2010

Jay Stone Chicago mayoral Race UIC I had a great time at the Mayoral Debate at U.I.C. yesterday. Jay Stone did a great job debating and two other City of Chicago employees also debated. I had a great day with Jay; he is a thoughtful, well educated contender for Mayor. I also attended the 50Th Ward debates and I was very proud of Aldermanic and Chicago employee Tom Morris. I guess Daley really made a bunch of city workers very upset. I will have more on this soon. Great photo by Patrick McDonough