Vocamotive; Alderman Burke’s Hitmen and Illinois Workers Compensation Fraud

Chicago Alderman Edward Burke  official portrait.jpg

Not long ago, Alderman Burke had a powerful cancer affecting his prostrate. Prostate cancer is not fun at all. It can expose itself by your inability to have an erection. You can have blood in your semen and urine, and in many cases, have bowel movements in public. When Alderman Burke has cancer, all the city resources are unleashed to make sure he is taken care of. Alderman Burke knows, the better the care, the longer you will live.

Of course, when Committee on Finance Alderman Burke has Chicago City employees hurt on the job, that is another matter. It is time for stall tactics, hiring incompetent people to handle the injuries. Alderman Burke kept taking his city check when he was treating even though he took many days off to recover. Per my sources at the Mayor’s Office, there no investigation into Burkes health care claim, and no attempt to stop his paycheck despite him being “Non-Compliant”. All of Burke’s health care vendors were paid, “on the spot”. Most people that do not show up from work, do not get paid. Burke’s security posse, were sitting around while he recovered, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands. Nice job if you can get it.

Many Chicago City of Chicago employees suffer injuries at work related that were unnecessary. The Illinois Department of Labor has cited many Chicago Departments with fines and fees. Chicago always fights them. Instead of using shoring in a ditch, avoiding unnecessary death and injury, Chicago continue to say, “It is all about production “or “we are avoiding privatizing”. The City of Chicago also continue to fight across cross the board drug testing. They were heroin drug rings in the North District Water Department not long ago, but the pill business is still doing well. The drinking situations have improved dramatically, most workers get it. Use logic, if the job foreman take a few extra minutes to make a ditch safe, they can save hundreds of thousands of additional expenses.

Alderman Burke uses a company called Vocamotive for their Vocational Training. They know the game of dealing with the city. The Committee on Finance is not under the control of the Rahm Emanuel administration. That makes them less accountable to taxpayers. Alderman Burke hired a fired City law department lawyer, Monica Somerville, to handle the dirty work. Just like the Chicago Mob, or Rich Daley, Alderman Burke has buffers. Burke hired a staff that includes dog walkers, dog groomers, and hair dressers to handle city workers claims. These workers refuse to work with the injured and create a barrier to getting a worker back to work, as quick as private insurance companies would. Thus, the Committee on Finance is forced to hired private consultants, medical specialists, law firms, and vocational training companies, to do the dirty work, the COF, a criminal enterprise requires. For over a year, the Committee on Finance refused to pay a crippled city worker in a wheelchair, but the Committee on Finance hired Lisa Helma a CRC at Vocamotive to investigate job searches against the employee that has not been paid in over a year. Wait, Alderman Burke hired Lisa Helma, at Vocamotive Vocational Training to investigate Job searches? So, what does Alderman Burke’s COF investigators do? Just dye the Chicago River once a year? To think Lisa Helma, a former member of the IARP, is now playing policewomen? Amazing waste of money Chicago. Lisa Helma, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, answering to hair dresser Andrea Micelli at the COF, wasting tons and tons of money. I though Chicago was broke. Are we being lied to? I am astounded as the sheer stupidity of this entire story. The Committee on Finance refuses to pay the workers expenses, disability pay, medical care, postal expenses, travel expenses, surgery bills, MRI bills, but has the money to investigate over a year later, how many swings at the bat do you get? I suspect the Committee on Finance realized their scams are being exposed so they are attempting to sling mud on their accusers. Also, Vocamotive is still refusing to comply with subpoenas from other state agencies. Every dog gets his day. What does not come out in the wash comes out in the rinse. Do not uses Vocamotive, get another lawyer. Vocamotive is not a Vocational Training company I would ever use.

Millions of dollars are sent to suburban contractors by Daley. Chicago unemployment at all time high.

Moore Landscapes Northbrook.jpg Not a day goes by when another Chicago Taxpayer faces unemployment. Anyone upset by the loss of their job should watch Moore Landscapes of Northbrook spruce up the landscaping for his majesty King Rich Daley, Mayor of Chicago. While Chicago Taxpayers feed the meters, this contractor has special passes issued by Daley to avoid feeding the meters. In fact, I noticed this contractor illegally parked at Chicago City Hall. I asked the lady from Revenue if she is going to give them a ticket. She ran away and than Chicago Police asked me why I was allegedly harassing the ticket lady. The police officer was very polite and I explained the truck was illegally parked and I asked her if she would write Moore a ticket. I explained the revenue lady raced around city hall on the south side of the street writing tickets to everyone but this contractor. The Police officer said the Revenue lady has the option to write a ticket or not write a ticket. “It is at her discretion”. So the next time you get a ticket for anything in Chicago, challenge the ticket. Bring this picture to court. Photo by Patrick McDonough

What did Anthony "Tony" Laurino know about Mayor Daley's Hired Truck Scandal

Anthony Laurino of Hired Truck Scandal Many people never will know all the people involved in the Hired Truck Scandal. Not every participant was interviewed by the Feds. Alexander Vroustouris, the Inspector General seemed to look over many of the facts and participants. Will the public ever know the extent of the criminal activity? When the Feds took over the investigation every indication led us to believe Anthony “Tony” Laurino, John Rottman, Michael Tierney, and John D’Amico never disclosed everything they knew. We have a TV show with witnesses putting Hired Truck Business run out of Alderman Margaret Laurino’s political office. Some of the Hired Truck participants died after the Scandal broke by the Chicago Sun-Times. It gives one pause as Christopher Kelly shows up a stiff before his additional court dates arrive. Anthony Laurino retired from the City of Chicago (now called Department of Water Management) after a buyout was formulated by the State of Illinois. In all fairness, not just Tony, a bunch of guys located closely to Hired Trucks. Anthony works for Koenig & Strey in Glenview, he reported to me the massive pension is offset by additional 600 dollars a retiree must pay towards the health insurance deductible. I remember when I was fired for alleged residency violations by the City of Chicago, Tony mailed me his Real Estate card; he is such a wise guy. When it comes to legal firepower, that man has Clout. Good Luck Tony, Photo by Patrick McDonough.