Millions of dollars are sent to suburban contractors by Daley. Chicago unemployment at all time high.

Moore Landscapes Northbrook.jpg Not a day goes by when another Chicago Taxpayer faces unemployment. Anyone upset by the loss of their job should watch Moore Landscapes of Northbrook spruce up the landscaping for his majesty King Rich Daley, Mayor of Chicago. While Chicago Taxpayers feed the meters, this contractor has special passes issued by Daley to avoid feeding the meters. In fact, I noticed this contractor illegally parked at Chicago City Hall. I asked the lady from Revenue if she is going to give them a ticket. She ran away and than Chicago Police asked me why I was allegedly harassing the ticket lady. The police officer was very polite and I explained the truck was illegally parked and I asked her if she would write Moore a ticket. I explained the revenue lady raced around city hall on the south side of the street writing tickets to everyone but this contractor. The Police officer said the Revenue lady has the option to write a ticket or not write a ticket. “It is at her discretion”. So the next time you get a ticket for anything in Chicago, challenge the ticket. Bring this picture to court. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. and now they promote a guy who just last year had to pay off an employee that he assaulted. an employee that could never pass his plumbers employee who …..well i will save the rest for the IG (Response) Are you saying Tim Kavanaugh? My Buddy?

  2. This is why we need to get
    rid of all the aldermen who
    have sold-out are city,and
    have a fresh start to rebu-
    ild the city after we end
    this oligarchy form of gov-ernment that we have put in
    place.When only 25% of the
    people vote,It lets the so
    called elite rule over us.
    Did you ever hear the talk-
    heads refer to us as the little people,or Joe six-
    pack,well I work for a living,and I plan on taking
    back my city,from the current P.O.C’S who are running the show,it is time
    to make government work for the people,not the other way around.God bless our Soldiers, thank’s J.D.

  3. March 16, 2010

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/
    Mayor Daley is already reeling from a personal low 35 percent approval rating tied to the parking meter mess, City Hall corruption scandals and Chicago’s first-round Olympic flame-out.

    Now, a coalition of liberal-leaning civic groups is piling on — by giving the mayor a “D” for job performance.

    » Click to enlarge image A coalition of liberal-leaning civic groups gave Mayor Daley a “D” for job performance.
    (Jean Lachat/Sun-Times)

    How would you grade Mayor Daley’s job performance so far this year?

    RELATED STORIESVote: How would you grade Daley’s job performance?

    Developing Government Accountability to the People (DGAP) accused the mayor of “mortgaging the future” by selling off Chicago parking meters and draining most of the $1.15 billion windfall to fill a massive budget shortfall.

    But, that’s only part of the reason for the near-failing grade. The coalition forged in 2006 by the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, the Pilsen Alliance and the Coalition to Protect Public Housing is equally incensed by the mayor’s priorities.

    “It was really about equity. The city is working for some, but not everybody,” said DGAP director Brian Gladstein.

    “Except for the environment, they have failed to either be transparent around their policies or they have not been able to successfully create programs that are equitable across the city. Yes, there’s a lack of money. But, the real issue is a lack of priorities for people most under-served in this city.”

    Mayoral press secretary Jacquelyn Heard noted that the time frame for the new study “roughly mirrors the worst economic crisis in recent history.”

    “The mayor welcomes feedback from constituents. But, it strikes me as odd that he gets an ‘F’ in the area of housing just hours after announcing the 300th public housing resident to buy a new home with help from the city,” she said.

    “A ‘D-plus’ in corruption fighting because the authors believe the inspector general he appointed and strengthened is doing a good job and a ‘D’ in economic development days after opening a flagship sporting goods store bringing jobs to Chicago.”

    The coalition graded the mayor on seven issues: the environment (B); economic development (D); transportation (D); housing (F); criminal justice (D); education (D-plus) and ethics and corruption (D-plus.)

    The failing grade for housing stems from, what the group calls, an “appalling job of replacing the number of public housing units destroyed, leaving thousands of CHA residents without the housing they were promised” in the Plan for Transformation.

    The “D” for transportation was blamed on the parking meter deal “railroaded through the City Council” and tied to a steep schedule of rate hikes and to a lack of adequate service to the South and West Sides made worse by recent cuts.

    The “D” for economic development stems from the coalition’s claim that a “significant portion” of subsidies generated by tax-increment-financing (TIF) districts have gone to “promote growth for the rich.”

    The report’s 35 recommendations range from declaring a moratorium on school closings and imposing a downtown congestion fee to boost CTA funding to creating an independent citizens review board to release the names of police officers most frequently accused of excessive force.

  4. March 16, 2010

    BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter
    Mayor Daley was interviewed in 2008 by federal authorities as part of the investigation into a developer’s dealings with a corrupt alderman, a source said Tuesday.

    The mayor was not a target or a subject of the investigation, the source said.

    Investigators were probing the dealings of developer Calvin Boender and then-Ald. Isaac “Ike” Carothers (29th).

    Boender, 55, of Chicago, is currently on trial on charges that he bribed Carothers for a zoning change for the Galewood Yards project in Carothers’ ward. Carothers has pleaded guilty and lost his aldermanic seat.

    Closing arguments in the federal case are scheduled for Wednesday.

    Testimony at the trial revealed that Daley met with Boender, as well as U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Carothers to personally hear about the project in late 2004 or early 2005.

    Boender, a politically connected developer, was seeking the city’s approval to change zoning of a massive parcel of vacant land, and he sat down to give a personal sales pitch to Daley.

    Denise Casalino, former commissioner with the city’s Department of Planning and Development, testified last week that the meeting happened in late 2004 or early 2005.

    The Chicago Tribune reported in 2008 that Gutierrez wrote Daley a letter supporting Boender’s redevelopment of Galewood Yards in July 2004 after Gutierrez bought vacant land from Boender with the help of $200,000 from the developer.

    Boender wanted to bring residential and retail to the 50-acre parcel zoned for industrial. Daley didn’t commit. Afterward, Casalino said Daley told her to keep pursuing industrial.

    Boender is accused of paying for more than $37,400 in repairs to Carothers’ home to push through the zoning change, which came in 2006.

    A spokeswoman said Gutierrez had “little involvement” in the project but supported it because it included housing, job training and job creation.

    Daley and 10 aldermen were subpoenaed by the defense — but none were called in the trial.

    In earlier testimony in the trial, another former city planner said Boender told her to back off when she tried to talk to him about Galewood Yards. Nancy Kiernan testified she wanted to talk about the mayor’s preference for a manufacturing development on the site.

    “[Boender] said he didn’t know who I was, he didn’t need to know who I was, and he didn’t need to deal with me because he had a deal with the alderman,” said Kiernan who, until 2005, worked in Department of Planning and Development.

    Boender struck a deal with Carothers, prosecutors say, to push through the zoning change.

    Carothers is cooperating with the government.

  5. Hmmmmm: are the I.G. looking into T.K. for his attendance(or lack of) on O.T. jobs ? Swiping in then returning home to sleep??? then waking a few hours later to swipe out???
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. There was a shooting today on Irving and central about a block from my house,I walk past there all the ,crime is going up in the 38th ward thanks to the gang bangers,why is it that the mayor and the aldermen take police from my ward and send them to the south side? some guy was shoot in the face on the sidewalk on a busy street. I guess that the people who did the shooting,do not understand that there is a handgun ban in the city, just ask the john doe who sent the police to my house on a phony warrant,to take away my civil rights,I am fed up with the mayor and the alderman who reserve the right to defend there families and themselves,but have no problem taking away my 2nd amendment rights to defend myself and my family.I will not sit by while this mayor and the alderman trun this city into another detroit,lets throw them all out!

  7. Just wondering??? Anyone know what happened to the Chicago Skyway $$$$$$$$$$ Didn’t Da’Mayor ask $900 million, but got $1.9 Billion for the 99 year lease?????????? Still laughing when I should be crying about the idiot promotion… Geez I remember not to long ago Timmy was in the S.D. Pump Room with a supposed bad back…amazing how quick a study he is….without training??? The future is so bright some seem to be blinded…Better find my shades…getting VERY SCAREY!

  8. How long are the fed’s going to stand by and listen to little king richie, And all of his bull crap. Before they put this creep in jail. He can’t remember what lie he told last week.

  9. If any of us were doing business this way, the Feds would lock us up and throw away the key. Enough with the corruption!!

  10. PAT WE MISS YOU. PLEASE COME BACK (Response) I am helping some city workers in jam. Thanks, I will get things on a roll again.

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