Here are the Idiots from Laz Parking Mayor Daley hired to enforce the laws

Laz Parking Chicago 1.jpg Laz Parking and the City of Chicago parking meter problems compounded themselves today when Chicago Clout busted Mayor Daley’s idea of a quick bailout for the next 75 years. This dude was parked illegally at a bus stop while he was playing with his cell phone. He blocked the oncoming bus at the corner of Kenton and Lawrence making people walk further away from their bus stop. Thanks to Mayor Daley these companies will continue to drive on Chicago Streets acting like they are police and continuing to break the laws. Another one of these trucks made u-turns in the middle of the street today. I wish someone would ask Mayor Daley why these drivers for Laz act like they are the police! The real joke was when I took several pictures of this guy on his phone and he did not even notice me. He did not even budge. This was the same crap the Hired Trucks did also. I guess the word is out to protect the Daley family “deal”. Later in the day, I noticed a bunch more of Daley’s idiots around Jefferson Park on Lawrence. I hate to swear, but 75 more years of these jack-donkeys is more than I can stand. If you are an advocate to remove this company from Chicago, please contact me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.