Here are the Idiots from Laz Parking Mayor Daley hired to enforce the laws

Laz Parking Chicago 1.jpg Laz Parking and the City of Chicago parking meter problems compounded themselves today when Chicago Clout busted Mayor Daley’s idea of a quick bailout for the next 75 years. This dude was parked illegally at a bus stop while he was playing with his cell phone. He blocked the oncoming bus at the corner of Kenton and Lawrence making people walk further away from their bus stop. Thanks to Mayor Daley these companies will continue to drive on Chicago Streets acting like they are police and continuing to break the laws. Another one of these trucks made u-turns in the middle of the street today. I wish someone would ask Mayor Daley why these drivers for Laz act like they are the police! The real joke was when I took several pictures of this guy on his phone and he did not even notice me. He did not even budge. This was the same crap the Hired Trucks did also. I guess the word is out to protect the Daley family “deal”. Later in the day, I noticed a bunch more of Daley’s idiots around Jefferson Park on Lawrence. I hate to swear, but 75 more years of these jack-donkeys is more than I can stand. If you are an advocate to remove this company from Chicago, please contact me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. January 13, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to give some people a break when it comes to parking meter violations.

    The mayor is asking the Chicago City Council to approve a plan that would withdraw one violation per vehicle each year when issued within 5 minutes of the expiration of a pay box receipt.

    The mayor said he understands people are angry about the way the parking meter system was implemented last year and hopes the new plan will help.

  2. I am so pissed, I have to simmer down before I leave a comment. Why has Daleys son. nor Daley(Educap) been charged by the feds yet. There is an inside reason why the feds leave this funker alone! (Response) There is a sliding scale of justice when you keep electing the same bunch of turkeys.

  3. I saw a LAZ vehicle similar to the one in this photo heading east on Division earlier this week. The male driver was talking on his cell phone as he drove. Apparently those who steal money from us are allowed to break state laws while doing so.

  4. Grow up, you are all a bunch of cry baby “Pu$$!~”. You have nothing better to do than watch the LAZ vehicles go down the street. Get a life you loosers. I read this for entertainment and you read and contribute because you think you make a difference. Guess what…If Terry O’Brien wins guess who has Clout. Good old Pat and his attorney. The same attorney who’s father is on the Water Rec board and gave out jobs to people he knows.

    Keep the humor coming you loosers.
    (response) Every candidate was asked to be on the show. The two top candidates did. Go figure.

  5. Sounds as if Cry me a river forgot to take his/her medication for the day. Obviously he/she is not capable of participating in a rational or coherent conversation about the parking meter scandal. Stick to the topic at hand and keep your moronic rants to yourself.

  6. First off, get a life and a job to fill your free time. These our the workers bees, not the politicians. I think you are confused. You think these workers ARE Daley, however you are delusional.

    Second, This is a low and pathetic attempt to humiliate innocent workers. You need to make a distinction between the messed up meter company, corrupt politicians and the harmless workers just trying to make ends meet. You have no perspective. You are attacking the wrong people.
    I talked to one of these workers the other day. He said they willing work 70+ hours. 70+ HOURS!!! That is probably the amount of time you meticulously spend a week stalking the streets for the “evil” workers. They are obviously just trying to make sure foods on the table. I’m sure, its just a job for them in these desperate economic times. You’re lumping them together with the politicians, beau crates, and the messed up meter company.

    Your angry, I understand, but these workers are not to blame. You want to do something. How about boycott the meters? How about voting daley out? How about contacting your local representative? Whatever the case keep these innocent workers out of the political culture! These low wage workers should not be responsible for the mistakes of Chicago politicians and the meter company. Once again, As much as you want these workers to be Daley, they are not!. They are just workers, that’s it. This is just pathetic, your splitting hairs and accusing those with the least amount of power.

    One more thing; Some people aren’t as privileged as you to waste time roaming the streets of Chicago with a camera, posting sh*tty blogs all day. They have to work! This photo is nothing without context. How do you know this guy wasn’t on break? Or calling his supervisor for information? Or maybe he was trying to find a meter and was not sure where it was?
    How about instead of a smear campaign like politicians do to one another, you do something productive! Organize a boycott, vote for an elected official you agree with. This; this just shows you’re a bottom feeder and find enjoyment humiliating innocent people. Your no better than the politicians you hate. Find a new hobby pr@#$!

    This all seems counterproductive to your goals. You ARE actually the police. Policing for the meter company you hate so much. They should hire you!!! This “dude” probably got fired.

    Contact me with any questions or comments

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