John C. D'Amico smells another pension, James Sullivan's posterboy?

John D'Amico Nose Pic Final Chicago Clout.jpg Chicago Plumber’s Local 130 needs a new Business Manager and they also need new business agents. The seniors are going to get a large reduction to the pension and everyone is keeping it mum until after the election. Retirees are asked to make sure they elect the same guys without realizing they are possibly in store for a major reduction in monthly payments. The progressive party is jokingly referred to the “unemployment party”. The existing management at the Chicago Plumber’s union needs a shakeup. There was no money for hats at the last St. Pat’s Day parade. Times are really bad. The only thing they got right was a St. Pat’s Queen that was Irish for a change. I think John D’Amico should be fired from the City of Chicago due to the fraud in obtaining a Plumber’s License, than James Sullivan should be thrown in jail. The Chicago’s Local 130 union made a major mistake in taking over other locals. Times were good and folks got greedy. The Chicago Unions need to get their act together before it is too late. John D’Amico needs to explain why he does not show up to work at the Jardine Plant. He has a nose for politics and pensions

Chicago Fire Department need working Fire Hydrants NOW!

Burned Body Chicago Fire Dead.jpg ABC 7 News reported a fire in the 1700 Block of North Drake last night. For years the Department of Water Management has not repaired the broken Fire Hydrants. A simple fix, which would take about three hours, would save lives. It is not being done. Rahm Emanuel should have a hearing and terminate all the employees responsible. Going to a fire with no water make no sense at all. It is like going into a Chicago Alderman’s office with-out a bribe, it just makes no sense at all. Thank you ABC 7 News and all the stories by Dave Savini at CBS @ News. When is the Federal Bureau of Investigation going to look into this? The City of Chicago is also very short on Plumbing Inspectors, but they must now fix that problem. Story by Inspector Patrick McDonough.

Chicago City Plumbers ordered to show valid Plumbing License Today

Today City of Chicago Plumbers were ordered to show a valid Plumbing License. The supervisory staff was not ordered to show a license because some have not bought theirs yet. Please make sure you ask the Chicago License Board on the acceptable methods, cash or politics, to obtain the current license. If you want a Valid Plumbers License in Chicago, we can show you the various methods. Lake County now has a non-union plumbing school and for dirt cheap, you can also get a Plumbing License. I asked an officer of Local 130 and they said they knew nothing about this school. Many members of Plumbers Local 130 are now working for non-union plumbing companies. I hate to say I told you so, but the Chicago Plumbers Union needs new leadership now!

Hispanics make the Lincoln Park Flowers bloom with taxpayer water

Patch landscaping Company Chicago Clout Flowers on the public way look very nice. Mayor Daley loves his flowers and the contractors that install them. One of my favorite pictures has Alderman’s Mell daughter and a special friend that got tons of contracts because she is a woman. Mayor Daley has control of millions of dollars by making unemployed people feel bad for knocking a no bid contract. A massive amount of money is directed to no bid minority companies thus bypassing a proper honest bid. As long as a front company looks over the work, the real theft continues behind the lines. As long as people are afraid to offend someone, the game continues. I still cannot understand why a major sewer supply company acts as a front and has a minority company with a Hispanic name supply sewer precast to the Department of Water Management marking up supplies for no reason. The City of Chicago should buy directly from the large vendor and save taxpayer’s millions. Chicago is broke, but the Chicago mob is still getting its cut. The Daley crime syndicate still skims the loot in the name of rightness. Enjoy this picture of this company that has Hispanic workers I had a hard time understanding. They had fire hydrant adapters and wrenches and the workers told me they take the water from fire hydrants. Mayor Daley wants water meters in homes, but the contractors take water for free. I am sure a markup is charged to the end user. I hope Daley offers our undocumented workers to China; there is no work or soup kitchens for unemployed Chicagoans. I called for Plumbing Inspectors but they are too busy to respond. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Plumbing John Swietczak grilled by the ABC 7 I-Team last week

John Swietczak.jpg Last week was a long week for Whistleblower John Swietczak famous for the Hired Truck Scandal and other whistleblowing activities. Chicago Clout investigators found it curious Mr. Swietczak waited until after work to be interview by Chuck Goudie and the ABC 7 news station. It is about time more City of Chicago employees stand up to the corruption, waste and fraud in Chicago. I again ask all employees watch and carefully keep notes if they see taxpayers money wasted. John Switczak is hosting a new show named “The Town Crier”. If you have a story for major Chicago TV stations, we can help you prepare your story for the likes of major corruption busters like, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, ABC 7 I-team and CBS 2 News. The main trick is to be concise and organized. The City of Chicago Plumbing Inspectors should start doing their jobs and bring in income to Chicago making notices of violations. I am currently watching several Inspectors taking long lunches downtown; I expect them to start doing their jobs. One Plumbing Inspector tripped over his panties to get the Tadin family Hydrant permit and might get himself fired. He was missing in action last week for a day. If you know Pat Kenny, please have him give me a ring, I think he signed John Khym name approving free use of water for Daley trucking pal and buddy MAT construction. Mat Construction will also need to help the City of Chicago report any Hydrants out of order. (Do you really think they will do that?) Most contractors break them and move on. Remember to call Michael Tucker, alleged son of Plumbers Local 130 bigwig, anytime to keep the City of Chicago informed of Hydrant use. I hope the Chicago Office of the Inspector General, now crippled without Hoffman, can actually investigate the fraud Chicago Taxpayers suffered due to the handshakes, pro-sport tickets, and gifts given at golf events to look the other way. We need to investigate what work was done by Michael Tucker before the Hydrant story and after. We also need to check the way these connected Plumbing Inspectors got their licenses and promotions. Pat Kenny is a hall of famer on Chicago Clout, this is his second story! Nice Job Pat. Photo by Patrick McDonough.