Chicago Plumbing John Swietczak grilled by the ABC 7 I-Team last week

John Swietczak.jpg Last week was a long week for Whistleblower John Swietczak famous for the Hired Truck Scandal and other whistleblowing activities. Chicago Clout investigators found it curious Mr. Swietczak waited until after work to be interview by Chuck Goudie and the ABC 7 news station. It is about time more City of Chicago employees stand up to the corruption, waste and fraud in Chicago. I again ask all employees watch and carefully keep notes if they see taxpayers money wasted. John Switczak is hosting a new show named “The Town Crier”. If you have a story for major Chicago TV stations, we can help you prepare your story for the likes of major corruption busters like, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, ABC 7 I-team and CBS 2 News. The main trick is to be concise and organized. The City of Chicago Plumbing Inspectors should start doing their jobs and bring in income to Chicago making notices of violations. I am currently watching several Inspectors taking long lunches downtown; I expect them to start doing their jobs. One Plumbing Inspector tripped over his panties to get the Tadin family Hydrant permit and might get himself fired. He was missing in action last week for a day. If you know Pat Kenny, please have him give me a ring, I think he signed John Khym name approving free use of water for Daley trucking pal and buddy MAT construction. Mat Construction will also need to help the City of Chicago report any Hydrants out of order. (Do you really think they will do that?) Most contractors break them and move on. Remember to call Michael Tucker, alleged son of Plumbers Local 130 bigwig, anytime to keep the City of Chicago informed of Hydrant use. I hope the Chicago Office of the Inspector General, now crippled without Hoffman, can actually investigate the fraud Chicago Taxpayers suffered due to the handshakes, pro-sport tickets, and gifts given at golf events to look the other way. We need to investigate what work was done by Michael Tucker before the Hydrant story and after. We also need to check the way these connected Plumbing Inspectors got their licenses and promotions. Pat Kenny is a hall of famer on Chicago Clout, this is his second story! Nice Job Pat. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Firm owned by former Hired Truck kingpin’s son accused of water theft
    HYDRANTS | But owner calls it a mix-up, gets permit lickety-split
    September 22, 2009

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/
    A company owned by the son of former Hired Truck kingpin Michael Tadin was accused Monday of stealing water from a city fire hydrant — without a permit and without a device to prevent construction debris from contaminating Chicago’s water system.

    Plumbing inspector John Swietczak said he ordered MAT Construction to stop work on a street resurfacing project in the 2100 block of North Clybourn after noticing Friday that the company had used a hose to attach its street grinder to a hydrant.

    » Click to enlarge image A company owned by former Hired Truck kingpin Michael Tadin was accused Monday of stealing water from a city fire hydrant.

    (John H. White/Sun-Times)

    MAT has a sub-contract to perform “asphalt milling work” for the North, South and Central Water Main Installation Project. Water is needed to cool street grinding machines.

    When Swietczak asked to see the permit, the MAT foreman acknowledged he didn’t have one. Nor did he have a “reduced pressure zone valve” to prevent debris from flowing back into the water system.

    The foreman then called company owner Michael Tadin Jr. and handed the cell phone to Swietczak.

    “The guy straight out tells me he’s been doing this for 25 years, and he’s never bought any permits,” Swietczak said, noting that contractors pay $13.16 per day for hydrant use.

    Tadin Jr. countered, “I never said that. I said this is the first time I’ve been checked for a permit in 10 or 12 years.”

    He added, “It was a misunderstanding. I’m a sub to a sub-contractor. I always thought it was the general contractor’s responsibility to get these permits. I guess the general contractor didn’t do it, either.”

    According to Swietczak, Tadin Jr. complained that the shutdown was costing him more than $3,000 an hour and threatened to go over the inspector’s head before hanging up on him.

    Within hours, Tadin Jr. had faxed a letter to City Hall and gotten a permit on the condition that MAT take steps to prevent water contamination. The fee was waived, even though waivers are supposed to be confined to community gardens.

    Tadin Jr.’s letter states, “Can I please have a water hydrant opening permit for MAT Construction?” Handwritten are the words: “Waive fees per commissioner” and, “Need list of hydrants to be used.”

    Swietczak, who plans to issue citations against MAT, said city approval “happened at the speed of light” and normally “takes days.”

    “Tadin does whatever he wants. He gets whatever he wants,” he said.

    Another source said a plumbing contractor normally must submit a letter of responsibility before hydrant permits are issued, then install and test the backflow protection device.


  3. Pray for John’s safety huh? I just saw that. Pray for the idiots’ that don’t know their city computers have memories. For the love of GOD!

  4. “Tripped over his panties” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I thought he wore a g-string.

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