McFadden & Whitehead – Aint no Stoppin us Now for Marshall E. Hatch Sr.

Ronald Bober, Marshall E Hatch Sr., Patrick McDonough Ronald Bober and Patrick McDonough, two famous City of Chicago Investigators, enjoyed lunch at MacArthur’s last week. When we entered the great Chicago soul and southern restaurant, we heard a great song and watched Marshall E. Hatch Sr. get the political troops motivated. Marshall E. Hatch Sr. was very kind to Ron and I, we enjoyed the conversation and his organization taking our picture. I hope all of Chicago Clout’s fans in the Illinois 7th Congressional District race learns the issues and makes the right decisions at the voting booth. In Chicago it is petition season, a serious time of the year. Marshall is all about, “bringing people together and moving forward”. Good Luck Marshall. Photo by a member of Mr. Hatch’s team. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. were you guys on city time??? (Response) The two I.G. guys in the car taking photos said it is OK. They said lunch time is your own time. Just keepin it for real.

  2. If I live at Wolcott and Roosevelt road, I want to make sure I do not leave harassing and intimidating comments against a guy’s family. Please pass this on just like I did to the correct authorities.

  3. Hey Pat,
    Wished you would of called me when you were with Marshal Hatch, It was about 8 years ago, when I was helping Wayne Strnad, and Marshal Hatch, they were both running of Alderman in the 29th ward against Corruthers, with all the corruption going on in the 29th ward,On election day, we went to circuit court to get an injunction to stop the Voting in the 29th ward (a first in Chicago) but the lawyers for the board of election were there, James Nally was the lawyer for the board, the Judge was about to stop the election in the 29th ward, but the lawyer for the board asked the judge to discuss the matter with the chief Judge, his name was Timmy (alderman) Evans, and you know how it turned out, the chief was scared of Daley so he over rid the Judge, So looking back at corruthers, he is indicted !!!! we had corruthers back 8 years ago on voter fraud !!!! So now we got smarter, we know what to do now!!! SO Let them politicians play there games now, we are now ready to go to federal court!!! we are getting everything ready for this next election, do you think that people will go to jail this time.????????
    times are changing!!!! (Response) I will give you a bill for spell check later.

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