Investigator Alphonso Treadwell and Chicago Police Superintendent Terry Hillard

Al Treadwell and Terry Hillard 1.jpg Terry Hillard is Chicago’s Police Superintendent again. I caught our Superintendent at lunchtime, but he still took time for a couple of pictures. Terry is a real class act and a credit to all Chicago Police officers. One of the few things Mayor Daley ever got right. Al Treadwell, an Investigator for the Department of Water Management, is very happy with Terry’s leadership. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

McFadden & Whitehead – Aint no Stoppin us Now for Marshall E. Hatch Sr.

Ronald Bober, Marshall E Hatch Sr., Patrick McDonough Ronald Bober and Patrick McDonough, two famous City of Chicago Investigators, enjoyed lunch at MacArthur’s last week. When we entered the great Chicago soul and southern restaurant, we heard a great song and watched Marshall E. Hatch Sr. get the political troops motivated. Marshall E. Hatch Sr. was very kind to Ron and I, we enjoyed the conversation and his organization taking our picture. I hope all of Chicago Clout’s fans in the Illinois 7th Congressional District race learns the issues and makes the right decisions at the voting booth. In Chicago it is petition season, a serious time of the year. Marshall is all about, “bringing people together and moving forward”. Good Luck Marshall. Photo by a member of Mr. Hatch’s team. Patrick McDonough.