President Obama and Rod Blagojevich will be going to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid

blagobamadaley Chicago Clout Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Richard Daley agreed to work together in Copenhagen for the 2016 Olympic Bid. It is still unknown how much taxpayers money will be used by Mayor Daley and President Obama. We need to see if the underfed and unnourished of the third world will be impressed when Barack Obama brings the taxpayers pimping plane into Copenhagen. Chicago Clout agreed to pay for former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s entire trip including the best hotels, food, and entertainment if he agrees to help Daley land the Olympics. Obama who proved to be a puppet for his straw boss Mayor Daley agreed to land the most devastating loss in Chicago’s history. I figure if we are going to go over the edge and become one of the most immoral bankrupt cities in the United States, we should make sure the three best leaders from Illinois should be together. The best part of the whole deal is when Barack Obama prints more money to pay for Daley’s dream and sinks America into further debt. I hope Daley brings China to Copenhagen as they already own America and should be consulted. I hope the Olympics go to Rio, but they better bring lots of cash to the table. America need less games and circuses for the peasants, we need good paying jobs. China is taking over the world while Daley worries about his personal circus, the 2016 Olympics. Chicago Clout editor in chief.

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  1. The Olympics will put union members to work and food on the tables of union families for most of the next decade.
    (Response) You make it sound simple. Debt will take away every positive movement has made, look at the current state of the Chicago City Worker.

  2. When is someone gonna that that stupid closet crook, Fitzgerald to finally indict Daley’s crook son? Pat, we can’t get justice, I hope you know that. You won in court but it has been way too long now for these crooked bastards to get indicted. If you do not think something is crooked even in the justice department then you need to get your head out of your asprin. Respectively.

  3. City’s test: Clean up corruption

    October 1, 2009

    Mayor Daley’s administration doesn’t have a stellar record when it comes to disciplining employees whose names come up in federal criminal corruption cases.

    That’s one reason taxpayers still have to foot the bill for a federal monitor to oversee city hiring.

    A key example of the city’s failure is Christopher Kozicki, a city official who had close political ties to the mayor. Kozicki admitted at the trial of Daley’s patronage chief that he had fixed the job rating for the teenage son of a high-ranking union official to ensure the young man was hired as a city building inspector.

    The city’s inspector general at the time recommended that the city fire Kozicki because he had endangered public safety, but the mayor refused.

    Now, more names are coming out in a highly embarrassing scandal in the city’s Buildings Department, dubbed Operation Crooked Code. More than two dozen people have been accused of taking part in a scheme in which bribes were paid to ignore building-code violations or speed up paperwork approval.

    The other day in federal court, at the trial of a former city supervising building inspector, prosecutors introduced into evidence a list of 20 employees who allegedly had accepted gift cards of $100 or $200 from a person hiring herself out as a permit expediter.

    If true, you have to wonder what those employees were thinking, other than the eternal hope that they wouldn’t get caught.

    City officials say they are investigating, and we hope they do, aggressively and quickly.

    The results of that investigation will show whether City Hall is truly capable of cleaning house, of setting a new tone in a scandal-plagued department, of making it clear that business as usual isn’t acceptable, whether the feds are looking or not.

    Or perhaps it will be more of the same, a shrug of the administrative shoulders and talk of a few bad apples that have been tossed out.

    While whole trees in the orchard continue to rot.

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