Another meeting of "Men for a better Lawndale" Chicago's 24TH Ward leaders

Julius Anderson and 24TH WARD.jpg Men for a better Lawndale have been a driving force in Chicago’s 24Th Ward for many years. Their membership boasts of over 70 citizens bent on making their community stronger and move vibrant. The bridge project is all about youth and community development. It is about sending a clear message to Chicago Public Schools, a positive and hopeful message. ABC 7 News covered some of the projects they are most proud of, including providing numerous computers to members of the community. They also provided jobs to over 70 youth in the Bridge Project. I enjoyed part of the informal meeting tonight as a special guest. Julius Anderson name was brought up again as the next Alderman of the 24Th Ward; some mentioned his name because he provided leadership for decades to the community. The current Alderman Dixon has been a complete bust and I do not know of a single job she has brought home to her community. Citizens of the 24TH Ward want good paying City Jobs. Dixon has voted with Daley every time but has nothing to show for it. Members of this group agreed to double their efforts to picture the private contractor’s workers, making sure the diversity in the 24Th Ward reflects the hires of private contractors. I agree, taxpayers have subsidized Daley’s choices for contractors, but I do not see enough black men and women employed by these contractors. If Alderman Dixon is a Daley lackey, she needs to step down so the folks in the 24Th Ward get better opportunities. I asked Julius Anderson to be a guest on the next Chicago Clout Show. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Pictured from left Pastor Lloyd Coaker, Julius Anderson,Glenn Ragans, Mahiri Anderson, Faruq Al-Amin, LaVandis Robinson.