Another meeting of "Men for a better Lawndale" Chicago's 24TH Ward leaders

Julius Anderson and 24TH WARD.jpg Men for a better Lawndale have been a driving force in Chicago’s 24Th Ward for many years. Their membership boasts of over 70 citizens bent on making their community stronger and move vibrant. The bridge project is all about youth and community development. It is about sending a clear message to Chicago Public Schools, a positive and hopeful message. ABC 7 News covered some of the projects they are most proud of, including providing numerous computers to members of the community. They also provided jobs to over 70 youth in the Bridge Project. I enjoyed part of the informal meeting tonight as a special guest. Julius Anderson name was brought up again as the next Alderman of the 24Th Ward; some mentioned his name because he provided leadership for decades to the community. The current Alderman Dixon has been a complete bust and I do not know of a single job she has brought home to her community. Citizens of the 24TH Ward want good paying City Jobs. Dixon has voted with Daley every time but has nothing to show for it. Members of this group agreed to double their efforts to picture the private contractor’s workers, making sure the diversity in the 24Th Ward reflects the hires of private contractors. I agree, taxpayers have subsidized Daley’s choices for contractors, but I do not see enough black men and women employed by these contractors. If Alderman Dixon is a Daley lackey, she needs to step down so the folks in the 24Th Ward get better opportunities. I asked Julius Anderson to be a guest on the next Chicago Clout Show. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Pictured from left Pastor Lloyd Coaker, Julius Anderson,Glenn Ragans, Mahiri Anderson, Faruq Al-Amin, LaVandis Robinson.

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  1. Mr. Anderson was my Collins H.S.History teacher he was always insightful and heled many. I am now fireman and proud father thanks to Mr Anderson.

  2. As a LSC member at Hughes School where Mr Anderson was principal. I am very grateful for Mr Anderson our school became one of the top achieving schools in the city when he was principal.Mr Anderson student successes are many

  3. My son received a computer working with Men for A beter Lawndale but more importantly the work those men did with my son has made him good in so many ways he is now completing his junior year at Little Village HS with honors. Thanks Mr Anderson and Men

  4. I worked under Mr. Anderson for many years and he was adevoted principal/administrator. He always had the interest of his students as well as staff in mind when ever he made decisions.
    Mr. Anderson would never anyone to do something he was not willing to do himself.He worked side by side with his staff; as a resort of that he had staff members that came work early and stayed late.

  5. I would like just to say that it has been a pleasure in being introduced to a very productive man in my community that care about the people in the community. Mr. Anderson would make an outstanding alderman.

  6. I had a son in the program called Men for a Better Lawndale. My son was a failing student when he entered the program; I owe the members of Men for a Better Lawndale great praise due to their leadership and guidance my son grauated from high school with his class.They showed my son it can be done.

    Thanks again Men for a Better Lawndale.

  7. After having the delightful pleasure of meeting Mr. Anderson there is only one thing to say about an outstanding, articulate, structured, and creative man not to mention his many assets to the community by way of his academic, and working potilical knowledge of how a real community should be ran in order for the citizens to upgrade and bring opportunities of strong advocacy.

  8. I worked with Mr. Anderson during the last election for 24th ward Alderman. We canvassed almost every block within our ward with great pride. Most of the voters that said that they would vote for him did. This time we will get everyone to vote for him because we need his great leadership to bring jobs to our community.

  9. I was in the bridge project last year, and really enjoyed learning about technology and business skills. the community really deserves to keep a program like this for us teens, and Mr. Anderson is a good guy and i am currently an A, B student and his program helped me achieve better grades.

  10. I was apart of the Men For a Better Lawndale program. I graduated from the program, and now I am a freshman in college at Southern Illinois University. Thanks to the guidance and support of the men of the program, I am a successful 4.0 student. My appreciation for education has increased tremendously thanks to the Men for a Better Lawndale. Mr. Anderson and his men are wonderful guys.

  11. Thanks to Mr. Anderson and the Men for a Better Lawndale, I realized that there is help available. They have helped me grow as a person and as a student. I am now on the right path to success, and I make school my number one priority. Thank you Men for a Better Lawndale.

  12. My nephew participated in that Bridge Project Program a couple of summers ago. Men for a Better Lawndale had a nice ceremony for the kids and they had another event for Congressman Davis. I never saw any support or heard about grants offered from the current Alderman Sharon Dixon. How can we build our West Side if they don’t support a few good men.

  13. I servered as Mr Anderson school engineer while he was school princcipal. The shcool was all business. His management of staff parents and pupils was the best

  14. I am now a school principal after completing the school leadership program at the University of Illinois. I owe this success to Mr. Anderson

  15. Serching the web and saw Mr. Cool A. Mr. Anderson good seeing you what is secret to youth? Hope you run for political office. I will stop by your office

  16. Thanks for calling Your help was greatly appreciated You are asset in the commuity.If you run you will win.

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