The Drama at the Rahm Emanuel Hearing Continues with Lawyers acting suspicious

Patrick McDonough, one of the objectors at the Rahm Emanuel Hearing, continued to keep a close eye on the proceedings. Last night, all were tired and sometimes that is when some funny business can happen. Mr. McDonough asked the Hearing Officer Mr. Morris to keep a close eye on the activities of some of the attorneys. When Mr. Emanuel's witnesses were on examination and cross-examination, the witnesses would continue to look at Rahm's Attorneys. One of the Attorneys would grunt, cover his mouth, and have an assortment of movements that was followed up by an immediate, I do not recall. This was put on the record and a much closer watch was put on the Attorneys. No one Attorney was accused, but it is very important for all lawyers to act in a proper manner. The witnesses for Rahm went to the lawyers offices for preparation and were informed of the issues. One dude was bragging about the $125,000.00 to 150,000.00 he gave to Rahm's Mayoral Run. He was not sure just how much. He continued to make a wild assortment of faces, yawning, smiling, and boredom. I watched him laugh with Rahm's lawyers, like he "hit the ball out of the park". He returned later at the end of the hearing to listen to the Lawyers tell him again what a great job he did. Sometimes in life, you are the last to know.