Hired Truck Scandal Update March 22, 2006

City of Chicago Hired Truck, Littleton Trucking, was followed by a gold Ford Taurus with licence plate TTS 862 (Michigan Plate no front plate). The Taurus also had a Chicago city sticker. The Taurus was seen spying on the hired truck from 36th street and Rockwell in Chicago at 8:15 a.m. The Chicago Police interviewed the Taurus driver, a white male, who confessed he is an investigator. The Taurus is licenced to his mommy in Michigan. Just remember this little piece of information, the investigator did not check to see if the driver was: licensed, union, paid prevailing wage, or/and if the truck had valid insurance. Might I add the tires on the semi needed more thread. Please post any suspicious cars you see spying on City Workers, so we can keep a list.