Chicago Inspector General's Office Report Card

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With regret, after over a year of intense investigation, my recommendation is to terminate the political investigative arm of Mayor Daley. The Chicago I.G. is wasting money on rental cars, wasting money on gas, and is not doing the job us taxpayers expect. To date, David Hoffman has still not contacted me after repeated attempts to have procedure reviewed. I have followed his army in Revenue and Streets and Sanitation vans waste time doing nothing, with two hour lunches. Fraud inspecting fraud. Let me explain the procedure the I.G. uses in Chicago. Example one, The inspector General takes a complaint about a department, next the I.G. writes up a report, next the report is given to the head of the offending department, (Brian Murphy, of Department of Water Management), than a “Confidential” letter is made and the report is sent to John Zander. If you read the “Role of the Inspector General’s Office” as set forth by municipal ordinance, the department is in crimianal violation of the ordinance. As I have stated before, the Inspector General’s Office is engaged in Fraud and Retaliation. Do not call the Inspector General’s Office, call the F.B.I. at 1-312-431-1333. The I.G. admitted your identiy is revealed to department heads. Photo 740 North Sedgwick, Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I declare victory on this. Please see the following post by WBBM news radio 78 about how Inspector General David Hoffman of the City of Chicago is going to stop the reporting of information to Department Heads. It is about time. Thank God I figured out that fraud. Do I get a Medal Mayor Daley? Please read I would not call the Chicago Inspector General yet, wait until some Ginny Pig Does. I report back later. Patrick McDonough

  2. One more time the IG has violated his ordinance in reference to confidentiality, by making the report public re commissioner of HR and HR employees. How can we trust the IG if he violates his own ordinace. Confidentiality is very important, in additiona, because of the nature of the IG, the reports are confidential (there are only to exceptions and none applied to the report he publicly filed in court, even that the judge told him that he was going to engage him but did not want him to violate privacy rights), employees have rights, what about the right of due process, the right to respond. What is this, the inquisition? Rights of people were violated and that is very serious. Keep posted he will be in big trouble. I hope someone stops this inquisitor that is using his powers to gain popularity because is going to run for office.
    (Response) The current I.G. Hoffman is by the book, period, so far.

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