Jesus Navarro Water Department Hero

Jesus Navarro.jpg
Chicago Department of Water Management Laborer Jesus Navarro has a history of one of the best workers in the corrupt Chicago North District Water Department. Jesus was verbally assaulted by a ranking water official. The swiping policy in the Water Department allows those with clout to swipe where they want and those with out clout to swipe in less desirable locations. Jesus listened to racial slurs and threats to his job. Jesus demanded the work site at 1430 North Central Park to have Safety barricades and arrows. Jesus watched as a young kid almost got whacked and near head on collision. An army of Water management officials showed up. Police were called. A full scale investigation is under way.

2 Replies to “Jesus Navarro Water Department Hero”

  1. Good Job Jesus,Its a damn shame that the city has only a few good employees left,yourself,and pat,and mr Coconate.keep up the good work gentelmen

  2. You should have contacted Walter Jacobsen and made it public as to what was going on.Remember there is always somebody watching,even when we do good thing and good deeds

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